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Oliver Brooks (ValoBox and CompletelyNovel)
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Consumers are starting to wake up to the lock-in they’re facing with the large retail ebook platforms. Despite promises to the contrary, there’s simply no guarantee the ebook you buy from vendor X today will be readable on platform Y tomorrow. The big players are using lock-in to protect their turf but there’s an opportunity to create a federation of like-minded retailers who recognize the benefits of working together rather than against each other. In this session you’ll learn the details behind this initiative and how you can take part in it.

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Oliver Brooks

ValoBox and CompletelyNovel

Oliver Brooks is the co-founder of ValoBox and CompletelyNovel. He is interested the evolution of the content industries from traditional retail through to social and distributed commerce.In 2008 he started CompletelyNovel – now the largest online book publishing community in the UK. It is designed to find the correct route to market for books. It enables anyone to publish economically while highlighting the books with a mainstream appeal to publishers. His latest project ValoBox is a pay-as-you-go e-book platform designed to create a new sales channel by integrating with the social web. Each book can be read on any device from any website and sold by any user using links or embeds.


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