Merchandising for the Mobile Era

Brenda Walker (EndTap)
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Merchandising for the Mobile Era
Smartphones and tablets are being adopted at faster rates than almost every other major technology shift in history, while retail space for physical media continues to shrink. Is there a way to replace the tactile, visual experience of browsing in a bookstore that effectively sells digital publications? How can the infinite capacity of the internet be tapped on finite, small screens to achieve, if not surpass, the effectiveness of merchandising displays at brick and mortar stores?

Drawing from her experiences in the music industry and as a mobile app publisher, Brenda J. Walker will discuss
- Redefining the roles of authors and publishers in merchandising, recommendation and discovery
- How to create merchandising media that works across multiple devices and platforms
- Navigating app store and book ecosystems for the benefit of all–readers, writers, publishers and retailers
- Capturing and leveraging data for agile campaign management
- The vital need for open data and open recommendations in establishing customer relationships and growing the digital market

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Brenda Walker


Brenda J. Walker is CEO and co-founder of EndTap, the e-book digital endcap. Brenda is the former managing publisher and vice president of Zumobi Inc., where she led the product teams on apps for, TODAY Show, MOTOR TREND, Motley Fool, THE WEEK, TLC, Dwell, Sporting News and more. Brenda has run her own digital music consultancy in Los Angeles and Seattle, and worked in A&R and marketing for Virgin Records, Perspective/A&M Records and Island Records.

When she is not obsessing over mobile devices and experiences, she serves as President of the Harvard Club of Seattle and hosts Global Soul, a weekly radio show for WOMR/WFMR in Provincetown, MA.


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