Way Beyond the Book: Opportunities for Writers in the Digital Age

Kate Pullinger (Bath Spa University)
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For the past decade Kate Pullinger has written novels as well as multimedia collaborative digital fiction projects, like her acclaimed children’s title, ‘Inanimate Alice’. Pullinger’s new project, ‘Our Stuff and Our Things’, attempts to draw these parallel fields together. In this inspiring closing keynote, Kate will focus on creativity and how writers can and should be innovating around form and platform — asking the question: Are publishers ready for – or even interested in – projects like this?

Photo of Kate Pullinger

Kate Pullinger

Bath Spa University

Kate Pullinger writes for both print and digital media. Her most recent novel, The Mistress of Nothing, won Canada’s Governor General’s Award in 2009, and was published by Touchstone, Simon & Schuster, in 2010. Her online multimedia work, Inanimate Alice, has become an influential title, often cited as ‘the future of children’s literature’; the American Association of School Librarians named it as a ‘Best Website for Teaching and Learning’, 2012, and it has been included on the BBC/ACE digital initiative, The Space.

Pullinger’s other digital projects and books can be found at her website; she blogs about the future of literature here.

Kate Pullinger is Professor of Creative Writing and Digital Media at Bath Spa University. Originally from British Columbia, Canada, she lives in London, England.


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