What Are Altmetrics And What Can They Do For Me?

Todd Carpenter (NISO - National Information Standards Organization)
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Alternative metrics, or altmetrics, are being rapidly applied in a variety of contexts for the STEM community. They are providing a number of new assessment tools for the research community. However, their application isn’t just for academic publishers. There are a variety of ways in which trade, commercial and other publishers can use data to make better decisions, improve their operations, enhance discovery and hopefully improve their bottom line. During this session, we will explore what alt metrics are, how they are derived, and and how they are applied. We will also consider some ways in which data analysis can be applied to the publishing business.


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Todd Carpenter

NISO - National Information Standards Organization

As the Director of NISO, Todd works with the publishing, library and information intermediary communities to develop technical standards and best practices for the creation, management, discovery, delivery and preservation of media in all forms. Todd also serves as the Secretariat for ISO’s Technical Committee on Information & Documentation, Subcommittee on Identification & Description, where standards like ISBN, ISSN, ISRC and DOI are managed.


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