Open Standards in the Walled Garden

Amanda Gomm (Digital Bindery), Tom McCluskey (Digital Bindery)
Location: Soho Complex Level:
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Using reading systems by Adobe, Apple, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and the IDPF we will show how an EPUB file is interpreted differently between the systems. We will break down each of the differences to explain what the software is doing and how to display the information in a reliable and predictable manner.

Photo of Amanda Gomm

Amanda Gomm

Digital Bindery

Seattle-born, techy, book nerd, and perfectionist, Amanda received Master’s degree in Book Publishing from Portland State University. A lifelong obsession with art, marketing statistics, and digital trends led her to realize the potential for ebooks to entertain and inspire readers instead of annoying and frustrating them in the way they often do. Partnering with design-savvy tech guru Tom McCluskey, Amanda co-founded Digital Bindery to solve digital publishing problems with particular attention to the artisan aesthetic.

Photo of Tom McCluskey

Tom McCluskey

Digital Bindery

After completing his master’s in book publishing from Portland State University, Tom and classmate Amanda Gomm decided it was high time to bring the standards of good book design to the ebook world. With that in mind, they founded Digital Bindery.


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