Creating Powerful Metadata

Renee Register (DataCurate)
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Creating Powerful Metadata will show real metadata examples for participant critique and review. This will be followed by participant creation of metadata using an online tool for metadata entry and transformation to ONIX. Basic ONIX concepts are introduced but the focus is on analysis of real materials for the creation of relevant metadata that supports user discovery.

Recent publications will be used for the exercises and, upon completion of the exercises, participants will break into groups to compare and discuss each other’s metadata. Following group work, we’ll come together for group reports and discussion. The session will end with a simulation of how metadata for the publications could translate to the user’s view of metadata when shopping in various online environments.

Laptops or tablets will be required to participate in the exercises. Take-away training materials and information on further resources will be provided in print and PDF formats.

As part of the Creating Powerful Metadata workshop at TOC, we will provide participant access to the ONIXEDIT Web Form for creating and editing ONIX metadata. Participants will be able to create and review real ONIX metadata during the workshop. This requires us to set up a User ID and Password for each attendee.

Since we have such a large group for the workshop, it would help us tremendously if we could set up your access prior to the workshop. We will need your email address to serve as a User ID and will assign individual passwords. If you would like for us to set you up in advance, please contact the speaker at reneeregister AT datacurate DOT com and we’ll email your password to you.

If you prefer not to set up access in advance, please arrive at the workshop a few minutes early so that we can set you up before the workshop begins.

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Renee Register


Renée Register specializes in strategies for the creation, maintenance, and use of metadata to fully support content discovery. She recently launched DataCurate, a consulting and training firm focused on metadata optimization for publishers and libraries.

Her work history includes ten years with Ingram Book Group and six years with OCLC (Online Computer Library Center). She holds a Masters in Library and Information Science and speaks widely on metadata issues.


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