The Challenges of Distributing Digital Content to Multiple Sales Channels

Karen Tripp (O'Reilly Media)
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You’ve created your ebook files – now what? With all of the sales channels now available for ebooks, figuring out how to distribute your files to the various retailers can be daunting. There are steps you can take to make sure that your file preparation and delivery go smoothly. As the Digital Distribution Manager at O’Reilly Media, I will discuss the practices in place at O’Reilly and how the process has evolved to allow O’Reilly to deliver hundreds of ebooks per year to over 30 retail channels. From file and metadata preparation to negotiating file delivery with the likes of Amazon and iBooks, you’ll learn how to streamline your ebook distribution process.

The presentation will be focused on distribution, though I can also speak to the creation of ebook formats such as epub and mobi. I can specifically address distribution platforms such as Ingram’s CoreSource, which O’Reilly uses to enable us to deliver all of our content to a single location. CoreSource then is able to rename files and deliver the specific metadata that each channels requires, with O’Reilly only providing the files once. This allows for a streamlined approach to delivering files to our many digital partners. Delivery to subscription sites like Safari Books Online and online book rental companies like CourseSmart will also be discussed.

Metadata standards such as ONIX are becoming increasingly important and more widely accepted in publishing, so familiarizing yourself with the basics of what information retailers are asking for is crucial to getting your files out to the largest audience. I will address how O’Reilly handles the generation of ONIX, and how to deal with retailers that prefer to receive metadata the old-fashioned way – in spreadsheets. The preparation of batches of files for manual delivery to retailers will be discussed, as well as file naming conventions, which are crucial since so many retailers are able to auto-ingest content when it is named in standard ways. This session will go over some of the tips for delivering the same ebook files, served up in the many flavors requested by each sales channel.

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Karen Tripp

O'Reilly Media

Karen Tripp is the Digital Distribution Manager at O’Reilly Media, where she has worked for the past 5 years in the many different facets of digital publishing. She has worked on the creation of ebook files, distribution to retail channels, and troubleshooting the various issues that arise with these digital products.

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Karen Tripp
12/29/2012 3:46pm EST

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