Mashups, Models, and Monetization: Making your indexes go all the way

Pilar Wyman (Wyman Indexing)
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Search is a complex process. Finding the quality information you seek can be tricky. Fortunately, indexes can provide readers with pre-analysis of a text, and help with research and discoverability of content.

Last year, the chair of the ASI DTTF, Jan Wright, presented at TOC2012 in NYC on using indexes to add value to eBooks and eContent. Since then, ASI and the DTTF has continued to develop model indexes and model eBooks for the publishing community. And, the IDPF Indexes Working Group is developing the specifications for index markup – semantic markup that will help indexes set your books free to be discovered.

This year, at TOC 2013, I would like to show you what we have developed at ASI and how you can use good indexes to help with research and discoverability across books.

In this session, I will show how good indexes can lead to increased sales and monetization: I will review how you can mash-up indexes, I will share examples of quality index mash-ups, and I will demonstrate how such indexes can link qualitatively not only back into the text they supplement but also out and to other titles.

Good indexes link not only to internal content but also to external content and to other titles. Good indexes can be the basis for pulling related content together to make new products for sale, and for more sales, in general.

I look forward to sharing with you what we have developed, and forecasting what good indexes can really do for all us.

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Pilar Wyman

Wyman Indexing

Pilar Wyman is the President of the American Society for Indexing (ASI), the voice of excellence in indexing. A veteran freelance indexer with her own successful business, she is also an active member of the ASI Digital Trends Task Force, which was formed in 2011 to address the continuing and rapidly increasing evolution of book publishing from traditional print to eBook formats. The DTTF was a key player in the recent International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) inclusion of indexes in the EPUB standard, and continues to work with the IDPF Indexes Working Group. Within her own indexing and via the DTTF, Pilar and ASI are currently engaged with publishers, hardware manufacturers, and software developers to design and create smart indexes for the digital age.


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