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Publishing is increasingly about establishing and maintaining processes, not about producing once and for all finished and final products. This is especially the case in digital publishing, when publishing dynamic online books and selling them as licensing-services. In this session the audience will learn about some open platforms that are useful to service oriented operations.

The presentation will address:

  • How does the role of the author change in service publishing?
  • What can the publisher do to facilitate the changing roles of authors, to mitigate the transformation of authors from textwriter-authors to multimedia-authors?
  • How can a platform as Google Sites be used as a cooperational platform in complex workflows?
  • Which issues should you, and which not, bother the author with?
  • What new possibilities does services entail for involvement of future and present users?
  • How can a specially tailored WordPress blog support user involvement?
  • What are the benefits for the users of cross-browser compatible online books?
  • What does it take to make a content management system like Typo3 into an authoring tool for services (and, by the way, for printed books as well)?

After the session the participants will be able to:

  • Make qualified evaluations and choices of platforms to support their existing or future service-focused publishing.
  • Adress the trade offs between using existing platforms, modifying existing platforms and developing their own platforms.
  • Discriminate between interactions and communications in service publishing best kept inhouse and those necessarily involving semi-external partners (authors) or external partners (for instance users).

NOTE: Please bring a device to go online for demos and hands on exercises.

Photo of Søren Peter Sørensen

Søren Peter Sørensen


Project manager (editorial) and supervisor of media productions at educational publisher Systime in Aarhus, Denmark.
Developing publications in digital media (first) and (then) print media primarily for upper K-12 education. Also developing publishing works flows and cooperation platforms.
Before that a high school teacher and national curricula developer.

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Picture of Søren Peter Sørensen
Søren Peter Sørensen
12/27/2012 3:33am EST

Yes, please do leave a comment or a question if you have any. I will be glad to start the dialogue in advance of our workshop session together. If you have time to check us out, here is a link to a english version of key pages on our website: It’ll make a little easier at least, I hope. See you. Best regards Søren Peter


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