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Jens Hofman Hansen (State and University Library, Denmark)
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An experiment of reaching a wider audience with existing content.

This will be a story about how we, at The State and University Library of Denmark, have created a new online service that may challenge or develop existing business models in the publishing world. The case demonstrates how you can reach a wider audence with existing content just by rethinking the distribution method.

Our service may seem a bit old fashioned at first glance as we let our users search digital material and we end up delivering it in print to the user’s local library. But it turns out that the service is highly sought for and we have managed to do it legally in regards to copyright laws, basing it on Interlibrary loan rules (ILL). The orders for articles are ticking in and the printers are being busy. Articles are being distributed all over the Denmark.

From a user perspective, the service has turned out to be highly interesting, but in my talk I will emphasize why it is also interesting from a business perspective whether you are a publisher or a library. Out little experiement challenges existing business models as scientific publishers seem to be most used to selling large packages of articles to large institutions who can afford that. With this service, we are breaking that model down as we make it possible for a single person to get a single article for free. But we are also developing the model: Behind the scenes, we pay the Danish copyright association a fee for each article.

Our attempt of letting information free does not end here – at the conference I would love to discuss with the audience how we could take the service one step further. One way could be to head for digital delivery and introducing pay per view in the library context – the purpose should be to develop user experience as well as the business perspective even further.

Jens Hofman Hansen

State and University Library, Denmark

I’m working with business driven development at the State and University Library of Denmark. So I focus on how we make new IT products that gives value to the users and at the same time are sustainable for the library to provide.

I am very interested in meeting up with people who focus on making great masses of information available to end users in a way that doesn’t involve too much manual labour.


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