The Business Case for TOC

You know that attending conferences is one of the most efficient ways to learn about best practices and new tools, expand your network, comparison-shop the latest products, and get inspiration to streamline and energize your day-to-day operations. But do you—or your boss—have to work extra hard to justify continuing education? Here are a few salient points that may help you make a case for attending TOC.

Add to the bottom line by learning:

  • Which technologies offer significant advantages and which provide exciting business opportunities
  • The questions you need to consider in adopting new business models
  • The opportunities—and challenges—of a global digital marketplace
  • What's on the horizon for digital design and production
  • How to anticipate and meet consumer demands
  • Why capturing and understanding consumer data is important
  • How to deal with territorial rights in a digital world
  • The ins and outs of IP reform, fair use, Creative Commons, consumer privacy, and copyright
  • Why and how to standardize content identifiers and metadata
  • Whither big box and indie brick and mortars? Will indies establish a foothold in the retail space?
  • Issues surrounding digital content for libraries
  • The outlook for dedicated devices -- will they flourish or perish?
  • How to create a mobile strategy
  • Who the winners and losers are in the mobile space
  • Important advances in EPUB
  • The pros, cons, and how-tos of publishing books as apps
  • Which parts of the legacy publishing model are worth saving
  • What it really takes to create and operate an effective B2C publishing business

Why more training?

  • In-house professional development means less outsourcing and greater efficiency
  • Better understanding of options and integration cuts operating expenses
  • Learning to plan for growth reduces costly mistakes in the long run
  • Increasing your company's—and your own—skills and knowledge base on new publishing technologies and business models is a competitive advantage
  • Professional development leads to greater job satisfaction and employee retention

Why network?

  • Making connections with other professionals provides resources for future projects
  • Understanding how other companies have implemented new processes cuts down the time to execute similar projects at your company
  • Building your circle gives you strong options for your next key hire
  • TOC's Attendee Directory allows you to set business meetings with other conference participants before and during the event, and keeps you connected afterwards

Show what you'll learn

  • Be topic-savvy: With over 40 different sessions to choose from, covering a wide variety of subjects, there will always be a session to fit your educational needs
  • Create your Personal Schedule—use the calendar icon to mark the sessions that address the problems you need to solve on the job, and show it to your boss
  • Attending with other members of your team? Use your Personal Schedules to avoid overlap and make sure you're maximizing company time in sessions

Share the know-how

Let your boss know that you'll share your newly acquired knowledge with the rest of the team:

  • Plan a presentation for a working lunch after you return
  • Write up a report of the conference, along with an action plan based on what you learned
  • Supplement your own materials with the speakers' slides and keynote videos, which are posted as the conference progresses
  • Gather up information from the Exhibit Hall and bring it back for your colleagues to review
  • Make a database with the business cards you bring back and share this experts network with your team

Optimize your budget

  • Register Early: the earlier you sign up, the more you save on registration costs, travel, and hotel
  • Check out the Discounts: If you qualify, a discount can be used during the Early Registration phase to save even more
  • Bring a Team: Send three or more colleagues from your company and save 20% on each registration. Each person can attend different workshops and sessions to bring back even more valuable skills, tips, and techniques
  • TOC Twitter and Facebook followers are always eligible for discounts

Why TOC?

  • TOC is a knowledge aggregator, bringing together stakeholders from the global book publishing and technology ecosystems, offering a broader perspective than niche events and exposure to the best of the best.
  • In this climate publishers need more than interim solutions to succeed. Not only does TOC cover what's working now, but we also look ahead to what will work as publishing transitions to the next phase. The people who attend TOC are the people who are shaping publishing's future.
  • TOC reaches outside traditional industry boundaries to find people and companies from around the world who are doing stuff that matters. Program chairs Kat Meyer and Joe Wikert curate the content to bring together cutting-edge speakers, topics that push the boundaries of how we define "publishing," and unique insight into what's next for the publishing industry.
  • TOC is an inclusive meeting ground for exploring the options, a gathering place for the publishing community, and an unparalleled opportunity for in-person networking. Participants come away from TOC with the knowledge and inspiration to lead change within their own organizations.
  • TOC is produced by O'Reilly Media Inc. For more than 30 years O'Reilly has been an active participant in the technology and publishing community, and has a long history of advocacy, meme-making, and evangelism. We understand the impact technology has on businesses and we are applying that knowledge to publishing.

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