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Marcus Woodburn (Ingram Content Group), Martin Klopstock (Kogan Page Ltd), Rodney Elder (Virtusales Publishing Solutions)
The acceleration of innovation in the book industry is dizzying. Digital continues to trigger profound changes in how people read and how publishers develop content and sell books. To succeed today, it is imperative to have a digital plan to reach more and sell more. In this session, Kogan Page, Virtusales and Ingram present a collaborative best practice digital distribution case study. Read more.
Stephen Casbeer (Innodata)
Challenges and risks in digital product development become magnified as the race to digital accelerates. Pressure mounts from the rate of change, complexity of content and technology-dependent product, and the need to ensure relevancy in changing markets. This session investigates the principle challenges in launching new digital products and key methods to consider to ensure success. Read more.
Brandt Redd (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium)
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Publishing sits on the tense border between digital abundance and the scarcity of the conventional economy. Digital abundance is also changing “The Game of School” which was designed around scarcity of teacher time and material resources. New rules, designed for abundance, will deliver breakthrough improvements in student learning. Opportunities are rich for publishers who understand these rules. Read more.
James R. Cioban (Cierant Corporation), Michelle Weir (Hewlett Packard), Dale Williams (Strategic Content Imaging)
Today’s digital print technologies, combined with an innovative marketing approach enable Magazine Publishers to venture into fully personalized advertising content in a magazine, representing a new approach to creating more effective and measurable marketing campaigns. Read more.
Sol Rosenberg (Copia Interactive, LLC), Joann Spyker (Copia Interactive)
How can you get your titles seen, purchased and read by this audience? What kind of content works best? Is it possible to get professors to actually recommend your titles? How do they like to consume and interact with content? What are the unique technical features they would want in digital content? How can you help them get the best grade possible in their quest to a perfect “A? Read more.
John Wheeler (SPi Global)
Publishers are having trouble migrating from Flash to HTML5 - this session will provide a roadmap on how to do just that. Read more.
Sameer Shariff (iPublishCentral)
In today's eBooks explosion, publishers are exploring various digital opportunities to reach out & engage with their readers, increase sales and add to their revenue streams.In my presentation, I would like to share a few cases where publishers have benefited from our partnership in taking their digital initiatives to the next level. Read more.
Daniel Mayer (TEMIS)
Semantics have emerged as a strategic growth platform for Publishers, enabling product innovation, advanced information access, analytics and discovery on online portals, and massive productivity gains. This session investigates key semantic applications for Publishers and underscores underlying trends shaping how we will package and consume information in the future. Read more.
Diana Childress (Blackboard Inc.), Ray Henderson (Blackboard Learn)
Presents Blackboard's vision of the evolving relationship between LMS & digital publishers & the potential for great mutual benefit. Presenters will argue that new model can catalyze greater consumption of digital products with improved economics & expanded global reach & that OER is a positive development that will further the market for commercial digital content. Read more.
Walter Walker (codeMantra LLC)
ePub may be the standard, but there are a lot of varieties and alternatives to the reflowable text format. In this session conversion engineers, production managers and digital publishers get together to discuss options, constraints and potential for an optimized ePub against a broad set of criteria – type of content, target audience, device capabilities. Read more.
William Chesser (Ingram Content Group)
As e -book market growth continues to explode, is e-textbook growth tracking at the same initial pace in the higher-education space? In this session hear about the state of the e-textbook market, what’s working for students and institutions, and how publishers are successfully repurposing and developing, designing and distributing multi-format and rich-media e-textbooks today. Read more.
Todd Bottorff (Turner Publishing), Jonathan Hevenstone (Jouve North America (JNA))
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Turner Publishing an independent book publisher is making a rapid entrance into the iBookstore and other digital retail channels by taking advantage of a program developed by Apple and Jouve that enables publishers to make their catalogs available on the iPad and iPhone at minimal cost. Learn how! Read more.
Beat Barblan (Bowker)
Small/self-publishers are always looking for new ways to reach their potential customers. In this session’s you will get an overview of some of the latest and most inexpensive marketing and sales tools that are available to them to maximize the chances of reaching potential customers. Read more.
Moderated by:
Barb Pellow (InfoTrends)
Larry Bennett (Bookmasters), Larry Brewster (Ingram Content Group Inc. ), Lynn Terhune (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.)
In a publishing market filled with uncertainty, technology is the answer. This session will share how publishers can seamlessly move between print and electronic media and how they can offer customized and unique versions of publications by effectively leveraging technology. You will hear how you can efficiently and cost effectively "have it your way!" Read more.
Robert Kasher (Newgen KnowledgeWorks), Baskar Devanathan (NewGen KnowledgeWorks)
Conversion from PDF to EPUB has long been a difficult and time consuming process, but that is changing. Now you can convert any Print PDF file into EPUB -- quickly, accurately and easily with SILK, a new conversion tool designed to combine both quality control and correction processes in one easy to learn, easy to use package. Read more.
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