Theodore Gray

Theodore Gray
Co-founder, Founder, Wolfram Research, Touch Press

Website | @TheodoreGray

Theodore Gray is an award-winning software developer, author, and popularizer of science. Having started out in chemistry, he joined Stephen Wolfram in 1987 in the creation of Mathematica. Gray pioneered the concept of Mathematica notebooks—which serve as the main interface to Mathematica, and have made possible the creation of millions of interactive computable documents. Ever since the founding of Wolfram Research, Gray has guided its user interface strategy, and has been responsible for a sequence of major innovations.

Over the years Gray has developed an independent interest in science writing and in communicating the excitement and importance of science to a wide audience. He is a Contributing Editor at Popular Science magazine, and has authored its Gray Matter column since 2003. The How 2.0 section containing Gray’s column won a National Magazine Award in 2005, and Gray’s column is a finalist for its own National Magazine Award for 2010.

Gray is the author of Mad Science: Experiments You Can Do at Home–But Probably Shouldn’t, and of the best selling coffee table book The Elements, A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe, now the groundbreaking first product of Touch Press. He is also the proprietor of and the creator of the iconic photographic periodic-table poster seen in universities, schools, museums, and on TV shows from MythBusters to Hannah Montana.


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Theodore Gray (Wolfram Research, Touch Press)
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Wolfram|Alpha's Luc Barthelet and Theo Gray will demonstrate how interactivity can be elevated beyond gimmickry, to deepen and enrich the reader's understanding of important subjects, reach out to new readers, and clearly explain concepts that resist communication through static text alone. Read more.
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