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If you are involved in any aspect of sales or marketing, these sessions will help you discover how consumers find books online, get real-time market intelligence and see how to use that data to market your products, capture and re-purpose customer data, optimize content rights and licensing, and more.

Note: we’ve organized the sessions into three main tracks, however many sessions are appropriate for multiple tracks so we encourage you to look beyond the track that seems most suitable to you.

Bethanne Patrick (Book Riot), Julia von dem Knesebeck (bilandia-media), Guinevere de la Mare (Chronicle Books)
This workshop is for publishers and other content creators concerned with expanding their customer base.
Phil Ollila (Ingram Content Group Inc.), Larry Brewster (Ingram Content Group Inc. )
Today’s marketplace is no longer bound by national borders and languages. Worldwide connectivity is driving publishers and distributors to rethink content strategies. Making the right physical content available, in the right format and language, at the right price and to the right audiences are keys to success, and accomplishing that successfully was easier said than done – until now.
Len Vlahos (Book Industry Study Group), Kelly Gallagher (RR Bowker)
Peel away both the hype and the cynicism and find out how consumers are actually using e-readers and consuming digital content. Presenting results from the first fielding in the third volume of Consumer Attitudes Toward E-book Reading, representatives from the Book Industry Study Group and R.R. Bowker will provide a window into the mind of the e-book consumer.
With color devices in the hands of an ever-larger percentage of potential readers, is it finally time for nonfiction to gain a bigger share of ebook sales? Kobo EVP Michael Tamblyn will examine the causes of fiction's early digital predominance, device trends that have created the conditions for nonfiction success, and successful strategies that publishers are employing to drive nonfiction sales.
Frederik Wiedemann (ReD Associates), Kasper Tostesen (Danish Broadcasting Corporation)
Based on anthropologic insights into youth culture and media patterns, Danish Broadcasting Corporation has developed a new brand for youth oriented content across all platforms. The presentation shows how deep user insights lead to a new way of connecting to the youth audience, combining quality and public service standards with an appeal to key elements of youth culture and identity
Judith Curr (Atria Books, a division of Simon and Schuster, Inc.)
In the fast-changing landscape of publishing, the future is no longer just about linear text – both digital and print books are actively taking advantage of new and improved technologies for enriching reader experience. This session will describe the unique ways in which publisher Atria improved customer experience and also stepped up its marketing game by connecting to customers’ mobile devices.
Otis Chandler (
An in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis of consumer behavior in discovering books online. Who is searching for books online? What are their personas? How are they discovering books?
Brian Felsen (CD Baby | BookBaby | HostBaby )
This panel will teach you everything you need to get started with video, so you can create a better ebook experience, engage with your fans on the Internet, and expand your reader base. Brian Felsen will go through recommended equipment purchase, basics of lighting, setup, editing, uploading, and metadata. Attendees will shoot a short video and walk through the process together.
Maureen McMahon (Kaplan Publishing), Jeff Olson (Kaplan Test Prep)
Jeff Olson, Vice President, Research and Analytics for Kaplan Test Prep, and Maureen McMahon, President & Publisher for Kaplan Publishing, will discuss the company’s challenges and successes in building Kaplan Mobile, an iOS application that delivers free digital versions of course content to registered Kaplan students and retail customers.
Thad McIlroy (, Praveen Madan (Keplers2020, Booksmith)
Silicon Valley’s iconic bookstore Kepler’s just launched a project to transition to a next-generation literary venture. In this interview, Praveen Madan, the leader of Keplers2020 will address the following questions: Why do people still care about community bookstores? Why re-invent a community bookstore? Is radical change needed? Is it necessary?
This workshop will walk web site owners/managers through several technical and strategic methods for optimizing their sites for discovery through the major discovery channels: search engines, blogs, social networks, & email. We will cover simple SEO techniques using a content management system (CMS), simple content marketing techniques, content portability, and effective email marketing.
Gary Rodrigues (Impelsys)
The book market is undergoing a phase of transition. New formats are being introduced, there are new devices emerging from manufacturers and publishers are creating new business models. This talk will explore the challenges facing publishers serving the library and education sector to increase and improve adoption of ebooks.
Moderated by:
Thad McIlroy (
Philip Downer (Front of Store), Jeremy LeBard (ReadCloud), Jack McKeown (Books & Books Westhampton Beach)
The focus of the bookselling session is not just U.S. but worldwide. The objective: to take inventory of where both online and bricks & mortar stands today, along with some trendlines for the next 12-24 months.
Mark Johnson (Zite)
What to read next is an age old question. From library catalogs to best seller lists to search engines to modern recommendation systems, this session will take you through a tour of the history of recommendations with a sharp focus on the past 20 years: why did recommendation systems pop up now and what has changed in the past few years.
  • Publishers Weekly
  • Ingram Content Group
  • codeMantra
  • Impelsys Inc.
  • SPi Global
  • Baker & Taylor
  • Blackboard
  • Bowker
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Innodata
  • Jouve North America
  • MarkLogic
  • Newgen KnowledgeWorks
  • Océ North America
  • Temis
  • Aptara
  • Atex
  • LibreDigital
  • Media Services Group
  • MarkLogic
  • Smashwords, Inc.

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