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If you are in the product acquisitions, development, or production areas or have a hand in crafting a product, these sessions will help you solve UX problems,embed video into eBooks or web pages, discover the latest developments and forecasts in digital typography for screen-based reading, build an EPUB 3 from start to finish, and more.

Note: we’ve organized the sessions into three main tracks, however many sessions are appropriate for multiple tracks so we encourage you to look beyond the track that seems most suitable to you.

Betsy Beaumon (Benetech), Adam Witwer (O'Reilly Media, Inc.), George Kerscher (Daisy Consortium), Larry Goldberg (National Center for Accessible Media at WGBH (NCAM)), Katie Cunningham (Cox Media Group)
Enhanced eBooks are posing a fresh challenge to making “books” fully accessible for readers with print disabilities. This panel will discuss the opportunities and challenges of accessible multimedia, presenting Benetech’s DIAGRAM Center, an initiative to create tools and processes for publishers to build in image accessibility for a full range of media types.
Peter Meyers (Citia)
Porting (or even enhancing) print books for the iPad is like using a Ferrari to grocery shop. Look, listen, and learn as digital book maven and “Breaking the Page” author Peter Meyers demonstrates how to design next generation content for a canvas that can do so much more than print.
David Steinberger (
ComiXology CEO David Steinberger speaks about how the comic industry is experiencing non-disruptive digital distribution and what lessons there may be for other industries.
Len Vlahos (Book Industry Study Group), Kelly Gallagher (RR Bowker)
Peel away both the hype and the cynicism and find out how consumers are actually using e-readers and consuming digital content. Presenting results from the first fielding in the third volume of Consumer Attitudes Toward E-book Reading, representatives from the Book Industry Study Group and R.R. Bowker will provide a window into the mind of the e-book consumer.
Amanda Gomm (Digital Bindery), Tom McCluskey (Digital Bindery)
As the new standards rolls out, publishers should be on the leading edge of adoption. The best way to learn, is to do. We will take apart an EPUB and reconstruct it using the newest standards, techniques, and features to see what is possible with EPUB3. All technical levels are invited.
Judith Curr (Atria Books, a division of Simon and Schuster, Inc.)
In the fast-changing landscape of publishing, the future is no longer just about linear text – both digital and print books are actively taking advantage of new and improved technologies for enriching reader experience. This session will describe the unique ways in which publisher Atria improved customer experience and also stepped up its marketing game by connecting to customers’ mobile devices.
Elizabeth Castro (self-employed)
Presentation: EPUB in the Wild Presentation [PDF]
There has been a lot of talk about the EPUB3 specification and the features that are coming. But which standard features really work and which nonstandard features ebook vendors are encouraging in their stores is another question altogether. Liz Castro will talk about pushing the edges of EPUB in real life situations in real ereaders, with and beyond standards.
Brian Felsen (CD Baby | BookBaby | HostBaby )
This panel will teach you everything you need to get started with video, so you can create a better ebook experience, engage with your fans on the Internet, and expand your reader base. Brian Felsen will go through recommended equipment purchase, basics of lighting, setup, editing, uploading, and metadata. Attendees will shoot a short video and walk through the process together.
Sanders Kleinfeld (O'Reilly Media, Inc.)
Presentation: HTML5 for Publishers Presentation [PPT]
HTML5 is revolutionizing the Web, and now it’s coming to your ebook reader! In this workshop, I give an overview of three areas of HTML5 that offer great promise to ebook publishers looking to expand beyond traditional text-and-graphic narratives.
Anne-Marie Concepcion (Seneca Design & Training, Inc.)
How do you get from a print-ready InDesign layout to a beautiful and fast-loading EPUB without tearing your hair out? Join InDesign and eBook guru Anne-Marie “HerGeekness” Concepcion — whose hair is still fully intact — for her half-day intensive session and find out!
Jan Wright (Wright Information)
Search isn't always enough for non-fiction readers. And indexes that resemble pages in a book don't take the best advantage of eBook interfaces. They slow searchers down, and "slow" is annoying. eReaders should combine both Search + Index to help readers find what they need quickly, by providing content-based navigation that can do full-text as well as display analysis of a topic.
Sanders Kleinfeld (O'Reilly Media, Inc.), Adam Witwer (O'Reilly Media, Inc.)
Here's your one-stop crash course on the latest ebook formats released for Amazon's Kindle Fire (KF8) and Apple's iPad (iBooks Author). Join Adam Witwer (Director of Content and Publishing Operations, O'Reilly Media) and Sanders Kleinfeld (Publishing Technologies Specialist, O'Reilly Media) for an informal dialogue that will tackle all your questions.
Joshua Tallent (eBook Architects, now Firebrand Technologies)
Publishers are focusing a lot of attention on ePub, and many publishers only create ePub files. However, Amazon's Kindle Format 8 is an important format that all eBook developers must master. This workshop will teach you how to create your own Kindle Format 8 files from your ePub source content, as well as some ePub techniques that might allow for easier auto-conversion to the Kindle format.
Joe Wikert (O'Reilly Media, Inc.), Seth Kaufman (Copia Interactive)
This will be a dialog between Seth Kaufman, Copia Merchandising VP, and Joe Wikert, co-chair of TOC. We will talk about ereader wish list features and how Copia has implemented some of them. A number of these will have been announced/released at or just prior to TOC NY.
Laura Dawson (Bowker)
The idea of “metadata” has been a topic of many conference sessions, articles, Twitter conversations, blog posts…and publishers seem to have gotten the message that good metadata leads to increased sales. But is hiring a “metadata czar” really the right approach? Is it an effective use of resources to put one person “in charge” of metadata?
Dianne Kennedy (IDEAlliance), Peter Meirs (Time Inc.), John Dougherty (Hearst Corporation)
2011 was the year of the tablet. For magazines this signaled an exciting new era of innovative publications. In this publisher panel, you will learn about the challenges of magazine tablet publishing and the new, nextPub Specification that builds on PRISM, EPUB 3, and HTML5 to streamline content distribution to the rapidly evolving device environment.
Moderated by:
Edward Nawotka (Publishing Perspectives)
Fabienne Riener (Sourcefabric o.p.s), Susan Moody (Worldreader)
The global market place -- sounds like a world of opportunity, but for both producers and consumers in new markets, there are real economic challenges. In this session you'll hear from two companies, SourceFabric and WorldReader - who are working to bridge the gap and make content creation tools and access to content efficient and affordable for all the players in our global content ecosystem.
This workshop will walk web site owners/managers through several technical and strategic methods for optimizing their sites for discovery through the major discovery channels: search engines, blogs, social networks, & email. We will cover simple SEO techniques using a content management system (CMS), simple content marketing techniques, content portability, and effective email marketing.
Michael Rankin (
Starting from InDesign, Quark, or PDF files, this seminar will cover the issues and process of converting legacy print assets into finished digital products ready to publish on Kindle, Nook, or iBooks.
Moderated by:
Joe Wikert (O'Reilly Media, Inc.)
Robbie Allen (Automated Insights, Inc.), Kristian Hammond (Narrative Science) Moderated by: Joe Wikert
With recent advances in linguistic algorithms and the availability of large structured data sets, it is now possible for software to create long form narratives that rival humans in quality and depth. This session features two speakers who will offer somewhat different perspectives on the opportunity.
Nat Sims (Night & Day Studios, Inc.), Björn Jeffery (Toca Boca)
Newly powerful mobile content developers are disrupting the educational publishing industry. Nat Sims, the CEO of Night & Day Studios, and other developers in this area, share their experience developing, marketing, and selling educational content in a global marketplace.
Vladimir Levantovsky (Monotype Imaging), Steve Matteson (Monotype Imaging Inc.), Geoff Greve (Monotype Imaging Inc.), Alin Jardim (Monotype Imaging)
Web fonts and e-publishing tools bring a vast array of typographic choices. But how do you effectively harness type and typographic controls that were once the domain of book designers and publishers? Meet experts who will help you make the right choices. Join Vladimir Levantovsky, Steve Matteson and Geoff Greve of Monotype Imaging as they go “under the hood” with type for the screen.
Kirk Biglione (Oxford Media Works), Hugh McGuire (PressBooks / LibriVox / Iambik )
As digital becomes more central to a book publishers life, the tools must change to keep pace. In this session we look at WordPress as a lightweight digital swiss army knife, a powerful and flexible platform that can be adapted to many publishing needs. We'll look at using WordPress-based systems for ecommerce, marketing, catalogs and discovery and more.
Anne Kostick (Foxpath IND), Louis Rosenfeld (Rosenfeld Media, LLC), Victor Lombardi (Nickel), Whitney Quesenbery (WQUsability)
UX is still news to most book publishers: a panel of UX pros will tackle both the well known and the hidden obstacles to true reader engagement in digital books. This is not a design seminar; it’s a mental model elevator, in what has long been a blind spot in book publishing. The session will include some unusual activities that engage everyone in solving UX problems in the digital-reading space.
Junko Yokota (National Louis University (Chicago)), Peter Sis
Each storytelling format–oral, paper, digital–has distinct characteristics that should dictate how to do it best. What matters in terms of children’s comprehension and reader response? What kinds of stories are suited to be digitized and what might be best left on paper? In this session, we examine the impact of design and reader support features on child motivation and experience.
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