What Sort of eBook Did You Have in Mind?

Walter Walker (codeMantra LLC)
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By now the constraints and compromises native to developing content for the Kindle are mostly common knowledge. But as the market expands and the digital landscape evolves, publishers are faced with a kaleidoscope of possibilities relative to content, format and devices. Tablets/smartphones versus eReaders; webkit versus Adobe layout engines; fixed layout versus reflowable text; ePub 2.0 versus ePub 3.0; there are many more considerations in 2012 than there were in 2007, when Amazon launched the Kindle. In this session publishers and format engineers come together to discuss and present the criteria to consider, when looking for the optimal eBook solution. When should you say no to fixed layout? What content compromises are required of a single optimized ePub file in order for it to work on multiple devices? Is there not still a time and a place for a simple PDF? What are the key considerations that production managers should evaluate before designing the print edition? Here’s a session not so much about tools of change, but changes in the tools.

This session is sponsored by codeMantra

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Walter Walker

codeMantra LLC

Walter heads up codeMantra’s Publishing Services Division. He has more than 18 years of commercial publishing experience, having held VP Sales & Marketing positions at Simon & Schuster, Inc. and marketing and public relations positions with Bantam Doubleday Dell and McClelland & Stewart (both now part of Random House). Walter started his career in digital publishing in 2000, with a progressive and optimistic start-up offering Digital Rights Management solutions. He then ventured into industrial publishing, where he marketed and sold high-end dynamic enterprise publishing (DEP) solutions for Advent 3B2, Arbortext and PTC Inc. Walter’s extensive understanding of publishing processes and the expanding market for digital content supports a practical assessment of where, and how, XML technologies can best be applied.

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