Marketing and Sales Tools for Small/Self-Publishers

Beat Barblan (Bowker)

In recent years, thanks in large measure, but not only, to the strong growth in digital publishing, the number of small/self-publishers has increased considerably. Many new players have entered the field and have added to the ever growing content readers can access in any number of ways both digitally and/or in print. An obvious and persistent question for many publishers, especially small publishers is, “What can I do to improve discovery and purchase of my title? What tools are available that can help my business expand and make it more likely that readers will connect with and want to buy my products?”

As the US ISBN Agency as well as one of the agencies for a number of newer identifiers in the publishing arena, in the past we at Bowker have talked about how publishers should take advantage of proper identification and metadata submission to improve title discoverability. This year we will focus on a few new tools publishers can benefit from in their efforts to make their titles known and give potential customers the type of information that will help them “get a feel for” and purchase the book.

This session’s goal is to give you an overview of some of the latest and most inexpensive marketing and sales tools that you, particularly if you are a small or self-publisher, can use to maximize your chances of reaching your potential customers.

Bowker’s latest version was released this past October. Stop by for a demo of the new site and to get additional information on our suite of services and products.

This session is sponsored by Bowker

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Beat Barblan


Beat Barblan serves as Director of Identifier Services at Bowker. He is responsible for such identifier asset management and discoverability solutions as ISBN, ISTC, ISNI and DOI. These solutions are renowned for their ability to standardize works across the book industry and content services supply chain, benefitting publishers, self publishers, authors, and other book industry professionals. Bowker is an affiliated business of ProQuest.

Mr. Barblan joined Bowker in 2007 as Product Manager for the company’s Supply Chain business, overseeing new development and maintenance for Pubnet and PubEasy, the publishing industry’s premier electronic ordering tools. Prior to joining Bowker, Mr. Barblan was Sr. Product Manager at Wolters Kluwer / Ovid where he helped launch the OvidSP platform.

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