The Future of the Cookbook

Moderated by:
Adam Salomone (The Harvard Common Press)
Ronny Golan (BookPulse), Jesse McDougall (Me)
Manage Soho Complex

Whither the cookbook? It’s a question that publishers, authors, agents, just about anyone in the industry is asking these days. Questions around content generation, monetization opportunities, and new media all have prompted great rethinking of the processes by which cookbooks come to market. But what does that mean for our traditional models? And do content creation methods change when user-generated content is becoming more prevalent every day?

This panel is meant to explore some of these issues in depth, by looking at what publishers are doing today and how that may change in the future. We’ll explore a variety of questions on the topic, breaking down the conversation around content, monetization, and new media promotion. What are some of the upcoming content monetization channels? How can publishers become more flexible in their approach to content, both in-print and online? And where do publishers, authors and other cookbook constituents fit in the conversation happening online with consumers?

The idea of the “cookbook” is changing rapidly and will only continue to do so. The purpose of this panel is to explore what the future of this industry is and how it will evolve over time, realizing that our idea of a cookbook today may just mean recipe content in all of its forms tomorrow.

Photo of Adam Salomone

Adam Salomone

The Harvard Common Press

Adam Salomone has been with The Harvard Common Press for 4 years now, beginning in the sales and publicity departments and working in tandem on the Digital Initiatives team. Focused on cookbooks and books on childcare and parenting, Harvard Common Press sees opportunity in specific niches to repurpose content in new ways online. Adam is the Associate Publisher of Harvard Common Press and oversees all aspects of the company’s digital strategy.

Photo of Ronny Golan

Ronny Golan


BookPulse offers book publishers a comprehensive social marketing platform that enables them to build communities around their books and maintain a direct ongoing relationship with their readers.

Ronny Golan is CEO and founder of BookPulse, bringing 20 years of experience in the fields of high-tech solutions and media.

Before founding BookPulse, Ronny was the Founder & CEO of the online video advertising company, HIRO-Media — the leader in online video ad-serving technology. Prior to HIRO Media, Ronny co-founded and managed the successful wireless community start-up Valis. In 2008, Ronny was chosen by Variety magazine as one of their “top 10 innovators to watch.”

Photo of Jesse McDougall

Jesse McDougall


Jesse is the author of eight books about internet, business, and community-building strategies. His latest is #tweetsmart: 25 Twitter Projects to Help You Build Your Community and Content Marketing—both from O’Reilly Media.

When he’s not writing, Jesse is a web developer, digital strategy consultant, and aspiring farmer.

Most recently, Jesse was the Director of Development & Marketing (and co-owner) at Catalyst Webworks. He and his wife sold the business in 2012.

Currently, Jesse is working as a consultant to the book publishing and content industries. He is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, Book Business Magazine, and GOOD. He and his wife live in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

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