Mendeley Case Study: How The World's Largest Crowdsourced Academic Database Is Changing Academic Publishing

Jan Reichelt (Mendeley Ltd.)
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Come learn how the world’s largest crowdsourced database of research literature is changing academic publishing. Jan Reichelt, Mendeley co-founder, will talk about the lessons we’ve learned in building the service and how it is changing academic publishing. Specifically, Jan will discuss how Mendeley’s real-time data on content usage provides never-before-seen insight into how academics collect, read, share, and annotate academic research. How is academic publishing different from mainstream publishing? It’s facing many of the same stressors as publishing moves online, but since academic publishing has typically derived revenue from institutional purchases as opposed to individual ones and because ad revenues don’t contribute as much to revenues, the business models are evolving differently. Academic content is also read more intensively, curated more carefully by end users, and managed with specialized tools, which gives us a unique opportunity to look at content usage at a level of detail not possible in any other industry and to distill some insights that are relevant across all of publishing. If you’re in academic publishing, you should not miss this. If you’re doing any other kind of publishing, you will gain valuable insight into how content is used and shared.

Photo of Jan Reichelt

Jan Reichelt

Mendeley Ltd.

Jan is Co-Founder and President of Mendeley, one of the world’s largest research collaboration platforms, with thousands of users and research groups and millions of research papers. Mendeley helps people to organize and collaborate on research projects and makes academic research fascinatingly more accessible and transparent.

Research can be a lot of fun, and so is starting a technology company. So why not combine the two? Jan already worked at two Internet start-ups during the first dot-com era, and having been frustrated with the lack of social tools for researchers he became a co-founder of Mendeley in 2007.

Jan is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Information Management at the University of Cologne, where he also was a lecturer in Electronic Business and Information Management, and spent some time as visiting researcher at the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore. Before that he graduated as MBA with a focus on Electronic Business, Accounting, and Entrepreneurship, having studied at the WHU, the LUISS Rome, and the University of Bath School of Management.

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