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As the number of bricks-and-mortar bookstores shrinks and ebook sales increase, consumers are increasingly discovering books to read online. Even book recommendations from friends and colleagues are often delivered online via social networks.

Otis Chandler, CEO of Goodreads, would like to provide an in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis of consumer behavior in discovering books online. Who is searching for books online? What are their personas? How are they discovering books? How many are they discovering, and how many do they go on to read? Are there strong influencers? What factors can help a book get discovered online? How is the picture different for books in the head vs the long tail?

With over 11 million books cataloged and 12MM visitors in Aug 2011, Goodreads is uniquely positioned to provide valuable insight on how consumers discover, discuss, and share books online. We will also incorporate some data from Facebook and Twitter, but we expect most of our deepest insights to come from behavior on Goodreads because we have first-hand access to the data.

Photo of Otis  Chandler

Otis Chandler

Otis is the founder and CEO of – a social network for
book lovers. Launched in late 2006, the site has since grown to over
5 million members, completely by word of mouth. Goodreads raised an
angel round in 2007, and is otherwise privately owned.

Along with a passion for building websites, Otis is also a voracious
reader. He started Goodreads as part of a personal goal to read more
books, and has found a large core group of people
that love reading, and have helped drive the direction of Goodreads.
He is an engineer at heart, and loves tinkering and listening to
customers in order to make the best product possible.

Before founding Goodreads, Otis was a Software Engineer and Product
Manager at Monster Worldwide, the leading purveyor of
online jobs, purchased the company in 2004. At Tickle, Otis was in
charge of, a top ten online dating service. Otis
credits all his knowledge of building successful online media websites
to his experiences at Tickle. Otis graduated with a B.S. in
Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, where he always
believed he would one day build cars.

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