New From LibreDigital: Business Intelligence for the eBook Market

Tyler Ruse (LibreDigital)

LibreDigital is launching a new business intelligence toolset—LibreDigital BI—that will enable publishers to grow e-book sales through a deeper understanding of e-book retail market data. By aggregating sales and other performance data across all e-book retail outlets, LibreDigital BI enables publishers to assess the impact of pricing and business model changes as well as audit for compliance against their contracts with retailers.

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Tyler Ruse


Leveraging more than a decade of digital publishing experience, Tyler Ruse leads a Publisher Services team at LibreDigital that manages all aspects of the publisher relationship, from business development to sales, and from account management to technical support. Mr. Ruse’s thought leadership and domain expertise help contribute to LibreDigital’s role as a leader in digital publishing and reading since 1999.

Prior to joining LibreDigital, Mr. Ruse served as General Manager of the Content Solutions business unit, part of the Ingram Content Group. In that role, Mr. Ruse led digital content production and the digital asset management and distribution business for Ingram.

Additionally, Mr. Ruse previously led the technology and product development groups at codeMantra, LLC. There, Mr. Ruse built digital publishing tools and workflows as well as content distribution systems focused on helping the publishing community bridge the gap from traditional print to both print and digital products.

Mr. Ruse also spent more than five years building content ingestion systems for digital book, journal, and audio content for OCLC NetLibrary, helping publishers build digital products in the industry’s infancy.

Mr. Ruse holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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