Art of the Possibility: A Custom Publishing Case Study

Michelle Weir (Hewlett Packard), Georgia Adey (Penwizard), Richard Adey (Penwizard), Kent Larson (Bridgeport National Bindery, Inc.)
Products and Services Riverside Suite
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Are you wanting to learn more about new business opportunities and custom publishing? In this exciting session you will be able to hear a real-life case study direct from the client on re-purposing content to generate new revenue streams and the many aspects of the implementation of the opportunity – partnerships, automated workflow, and the digital press technology supporting it.

This session is sponsored by HP

Photo of Michelle Weir

Michelle Weir

Hewlett Packard

Manager, Business Development, HP Digital Printing Solutions.

Photo of Georgia Adey

Georgia Adey


Georgia is Operations Director at Penwizard Ltd, a web to print specialist established in 2004. She has over 7 years experience in digital publishing, digital pre-press and digital print. Her expertise includes digital product development for major book brands as well as website and systems design, variable print file creation and print workflow optimisation.
Georgia has overseen the development of web to print platforms for major corporations including HarperCollins, Penguin and Letts Filofax. She has extensive experience of integrating customised digital products into major retailer’s platforms including ToysRus.
Georgia has a degree in Product Design and has been responsible for all Penwizard product development from concept through to production.

Photo of Richard Adey

Richard Adey


Richard is managing director of Penwizard Ltd which he established in 2004 as a specialist ‘web to print’ publisher using the emerging sectors of digital printing and online publishing. Penwizard is focused on creating the websites, customer and data management processes, and digital print systems. The company has developed personalised books, photo calendars, personalised diaries, and general customised publishing systems.

Richard has extensive experience of online retailing, brand licensing, and product personalisation. He has worked with major publishers including Penguin and has strong relationships with the online divisions of retailers such as ToysRus.

He has a background in business innovation, product development, and strategic business planning. Richard has two engineering degrees and MBA from London Business School.

Kent Larson

Bridgeport National Bindery, Inc.

Kent joined Bridgeport National Bindery in 1989 selling its casebinding services to printers and publishers.
When the digital printing era began in 1991, Kent spent his days promoting the concept of short run binding with many early adopters who were looking for a case binding solution. While also wearing the hat of CSR and scheduler, many days were spent binding many of these early digitally produced books; a manufacturing experience worth its weight in gold.

In addition to his responsibilities for the new On-Demand Binding division, he had responsibilities for managing the summer textbook rebinding season and growing BNB’s new division of Pre-binding (converting paperback books into hard covers).

In 2004, Kent assumed the position of Vice President of BNB’s new Print On Demand Division that began production of one-off books. Originating as a binder and moving back up the production chain quickly taught BNB about the most important element to a successful one-off environment: I.T.

Since then, I.T. has driven much of what BNB is about and Kent’s responsibilities have kept him involved with traditional and emerging markets as they relate to manufacturing “Library Bound” books one at a time.

He lives in Western Massachusetts with his wife and best friend, Karen and their four children.

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