Inventory on Demand in the Digital Age: Breakthroughs in Publisher Value Creation through New Models in Publishing and Inventory Practices

Laura Baldwin (O'Reilly Media, Inc.), Phil Ollila (Ingram Content Group Inc.)
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As the book retailing, supply chain, and delivery environments change new models are required to build long term publisher value. The true value of a media company, or publisher, lies in content and the brand attributes created by a publisher’s editorial and marketing efforts. Print manufacturing and digital content delivery are fast becoming a services business, to the point where a publisher can “plug in” to distribution services where in the past these functions were core to a publisher’s business. Today O’Reilly Media and Ingram Content Group are partnering to create a Total Inventory Management Solution which essentially eliminates inventory through a reliance on POD, demand forecasting, and digital file management. This session, led by Laura Baldwin, COO of O’Reilly Media and Phil Ollila, Chief Content Officer of Ingram Content Group, will review how a publisher can make the move from traditional inventory models to a complete “on demand” inventory management model, using today’s technology.

Photo of Laura Baldwin

Laura Baldwin

O'Reilly Media, Inc.

Laura Baldwin started with O’Reilly Media in October 2001 as chief financial officer and added chief operating officer to her responsibilities in October 2004. She became O’Reilly’s first president in March 2011. Laura successfully managed O’Reilly through the tech downturns of the past decade and is currently responsible for O’Reilly’s worldwide businesses. Prior to O’Reilly, she was a consultant to the publishing industry through BMR Associates and managed several large consulting engagements across all genres of publishing. Laura’s publishing career started at Chronicle Books, the large, premier publisher of popular culture, art, and children’s books and gift products, where she served as CFO for 10 years, establishing Chronicle’s successful distribution business and helping bring Chronicle’s gift business to market.

Photo of Phil	 Ollila

Phil Ollila

Ingram Content Group Inc.

Phil Ollila is Chief Content Officer of Ingram Content Group Inc., the leading provider of full-service content distribution solutions for the book industry. Phil is responsible for Ingram Content Group’s publisher facing business, and has been instrumental in leading the transformation of Ingram from a traditional wholesale service provider, into a fully integrated and relevant solutions company for clients. Ingram combines wholesale distribution, print-on-demand, digital distribution, inventory management and comprehensive worldwide services for physical and digital content.

In his role as Chief Content Officer, Phil leads a number of Ingram business units including wholesale merchandising, Lightning Source, Ingram Publisher Services and digital distribution through CoreSource®. He also heads Ingram Content Group marketing.

Phil previously served as Senior Vice President of Ingram Book Group Inc., President of Ingram Publisher Services Inc., and as President of Ingram Library Services Inc.

Prior to joining Ingram, Phil spent 12 years in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with Borders Group. His last position with Borders was Vice President of Marketing and Merchandising.

Phil spent 16 years in active and reserve positions with the U. S. Army. He received his master of business administration degree from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

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Picture of Laura Baldwin
Laura Baldwin
02/18/2011 8:52am EST

Lindy, I just uploaded the presentation. Glad you found it informative.

Lindy Humphreys
02/18/2011 6:09am EST

Will slides be available for this informative presentation?

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