The eBook Explosion: Monetizing Content in Retail eCentric and Mobile-centric Markets

Marcus Woodburn (Ingram Content Group)
Products and Services Riverside Suite

Every week it seems a new e-reader is introduced and new online booksellers and other retailers are seeking to add ebooks as a new category of digital media products to sell their customers. Consumer device manufacturers are also announcing e-bookstores using apps built into their e-reading devices and smartphones. For publishers, the addition of a digital distribution model is complex and challenging with seemingly as many roadblocks as opportunities. The benefits of reaching new audiences through new distribution channels are weighed against complex jargon-rich technologies, concerns over rights management and copyright theft as well as the logistics and costs associated with a digital strategy. So, what is the rational approach to conquering these new frontiers? How can you track opportunities and respond to them quickly and cost effectively while still growing your core business? As technology continues to drive changes in publishing, it is possible to chart a course through the complexity and begin to realize the enormous potential of abundant new media channels.

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Marcus Woodburn

Ingram Content Group

Marcus spent 12 years working as an archaeologist and photographer in the Middle East and South America before he began his career in the information world by microfilming historical documents for UMI/ProQuest. He became Product Manager for K-12 at ProQuest and, and after four years in the K-12 space moved in to a role as Director of Publisher Relations, working primarily with journal and newspaper publishers.

After ten years with ProQuest, he moved to Ingram Digital in 2007 where he was responsible for working with primarily academic and STM eBook publishers that are moving in to the digital space. In this capacity he also worked closely with the Coutts, MyiLibrary and Lightning Source teams to maximize the reach of content in the ever-changing digital information world.

In 2010 Marcus took on a new role heading up digital content development, in particular centered on Ingram’s CoreSource digital asset management product and associated business solutions for publishers.

Marcus brings a broad knowledge of digital publishing, sales and distribution for journals, newspapers and eBooks. His experience working with customers that employ a variety of strategies in reaching the fast-evolving digital market provides him with a broad perspective. His understanding of the technologies used and the competitive landscape further enhance that digital world-view.

Marcus is a regular speaker at industry conferences and events and has provided guidance to numerous publishers looking to realize a comprehensive digital strategy.

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