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As awareness to the benefits of digital course materials grows, student and faculty adoption of e-textbooks is accelerating. Much more than just a digital transcription of text, today’s e-textbooks are downloaded and infused with advanced interactive functionality, including the ability to share notes, search within text, highlight, copy and paste sections as needed, and access embedded multimedia materials. Best practices in e-textbooks allow easy access and organization of a robust library of content from multiple access points – download, online and mobile – to benefit publishers (sales) and students (portability and flexibility of information). Technology is driving change in education, and in turn publishing and e-textbooks are becoming a driving force – be ready to survive and thrive in the new e-textbook world.

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William Chesser

Ingram Content Group

William Chesser has been with Ingram since July of 2006. Mr. Chesser was instrumental in the early design, development, and implementation of the VitalBook e-textbook platform.

Prior to moving to VitalSource, Mr. Chesser was Assistant Director of Training for the National Paideia Center and K-12 teacher-training and instructional-development organization in the School of Education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In that role, Mr. Chesser worked with a high-profile collection of educators from around the U.S. to develop classroom innovation strategies and techniques and to deliver them to school systems across the country.

Before working at the Paideia Center, Mr. Chesser worked in the central office for Durham Public Schools, and was a teacher and coach. He holds a bachelor of arts in English Literature from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a master’s in English Literature from North Carolina Central University.

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Picture of Michelle Harper
Michelle Harper
02/17/2011 6:21am EST

Enjoyed your presentation. Very pragmatic & well paced. Suspected there was some in the classroom (RL) experience there!

Sorry not to have been able to chat more, particularly about the VS platform.

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