Thomson Reuters Generates Revenue by Harnessing Web Data

Matt Jacobson (Connotate), Balavijayan Ganesan (Investment & Advisory Content Group, a Thomson Reuters Markets division)
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Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, had a challenge of global scale. How can it continue to grow and embrace vast numbers of web content sources while still maintaining and improving its reputation for excellent timeliness and quality of raw and value-added content?

One division of Thomson Reuters manually monitored well over 20,000 companies for financial reports and news from 50 different countries, in various distinct languages. Analysts constantly monitored and downloaded annual and interim reports, press releases and more to provide primary raw sources for its various internal business groups. The restrictions tied to manual operations (even on a global scale) and the ongoing desire for growth made Thomson Reuters quickly realize that there would soon be simply too much data available to effectively process and enhance if it wanted to continue giving customers a competitive advantage.

In order to better centralize its data collection and knowledge management practices, the company created the Rapid Source Automation (RSA) program. RSA is a center of excellence for the automation of web content monitoring and collection. RSA aims to provide a common, enterprise-wide automation framework for monitoring and gathering information from the World Wide Net. Information is delivered to subscribers and systems across the global Thomson Reuters Content Operations groups. RSA’s goals are to increase productivity by consolidating, automating and streamlining web data monitoring and collection processes across data silos as well as the entire organization and improve the quality and completeness of data used for critical content offerings.

This session will discuss the background leading up to the RSA program, what tools and processes Thomson Reuters chose to address its business problem and how the RSA team markets its center of excellence internally. Additionally, the company will share the business results already achieved through its innovative program including:

  • Repurposing significant numbers of employees from manual data collection and analysis functions to more strategic areas.
  • Consolidation and streamlining of process and best practices across organizational silos
  • Enhanced ability for employees to repurpose data across the organization
  • Keeping up with increasing demand for greater breadth, depth, relevancy and insight of content for our consumers without making any compromises on Service and Quality.
  • Enhanced transparency, auditing, traceability and compliance
  • Increased Operational Agility in the face of a growing and changing landscape of web sources

This session is sponsored by Connotate

Photo of Matt Jacobson

Matt Jacobson


Matt leads Connotate’s sales and client services efforts. For organizations in which content and data are vital to success, Connotate puts the ability to automate Web data monitoring and collection in the hands of the business user.

With over twenty years of high tech industry experience, and executive roles in two, Fast 500 companies, Matt has a wealth of knowledge regarding the technology and business life cycles. His experience includes leading software product businesses, consulting businesses, R&D organizations, customer support and instituting project management best practices. Prior to starting his career at AT&T Bell Laboratories, Matt received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Honors from the Pennsylvania State University and a Masters of Science in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Photo of Balavijayan Ganesan

Balavijayan Ganesan

Investment & Advisory Content Group, a Thomson Reuters Markets division

Balavijayan Ganesan is Global Head of Automation at Investment & Advisory Content group, a division in Thomson Reuters Markets. In this role he is responsible for setting the strategy and implementing key initiatives for automation of content collection operations. His group’s mandate is to improve efficiency and effectiveness of content collection operations across various content sets in Investment & Advisory Content group and extend such services to other parts of Thomson Reuters Markets when needed.

Bala began his career with Reuters Asia in Singapore and has held various positions in Training, Risk Management, Consulting & Focus Group Accounts in his 18-years career with Thomson Reuters. Bala is a UT Austin & Stern School Alumni.

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