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David "Skip" Prichard (Ingram Content Group Inc.)
Keynote Metropolitan East
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The book industry is undergoing rapid changes, and the fallout is just beginning. Seismic industry changes always bring success and opportunity to some, transformation and consolidation to others, and failure to those who get left behind. At no time has publishing been in a similar crossroads, where both content format and the delivery methods are changing at the same time. To survive and thrive in publishing today, content must be enabled for flexibility and portability. Publishers are looking to control costs and gain efficiencies in warehousing, print, and physical and digital distribution. Consumers are demanding to read what, how, when, and where they choose. As the pressure to invest in the future of content becomes increasingly important, critical operating and capital investment decisions need to be made quickly to survive. The opportunities are not only there, but growing, and who gets a share, how much and when, is still wide open. Prichard is known for financial turnarounds while executing strategic business shifts. During this keynote Skip will share insights he has learned during his career with early digital pioneers like LexisNexis, ProQuest, a deep-content publisher of academic and scholarly content, and Ingram Content Group, now a global powerhouse at the intersection of publishing and retailing.

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Photo of David "Skip" Prichard

David "Skip" Prichard

Ingram Content Group Inc.

Skip Prichard is President & Chief Executive Officer of Ingram Content Group Inc. Ingram Content Group provides books, music and media content to over 35,000 retailers, libraries, schools and distribution partners in over 200 countries. More than 21,000 publishers use Ingram’s fully integrated physical and digital solutions and programs to realize the full business potential of books. Under his leadership, Ingram Content Group has improved its financial position, expanded its international locations to continental Europe and Australia, strengthened its digital offerings and integrated its multiple companies and acquisitions into a unified service offering.

Mr. Prichard’s perspective as the leader of Ingram Content Group – the center hub between publishers, retailers and libraries – offers a unique view on the future of books and publishing. His views have been featured in print and online publications and broadcast media, including the BBC, The New York Times, The Daily Beast, Harvard Business Review, Information Today, The Bookseller, Publishers Weekly, Christian Retailing, Library Journal and others. He has spoken on this topic at conferences, including O’Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing, BookExpo America, PubWest, and the ECPA’s Executive Leadership Summit.

Prior to his appointment at Ingram Content Group, Mr. Prichard was President and Chief Executive Officer of ProQuest Information & Learning where he led ProQuest through a successful financial turnaround, achieving double-digit growth and returning the company to profitability. Earlier in his career, Mr. Prichard held a number of executive positions with LexisNexis, where as Vice President of corporate and federal markets he provided business information and risk management solutions to the largest global corporations.

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Shirley Bailes
02/22/2011 1:52pm EST

@Adrien, we are currently editing the video. Expect to see it posted by tomorrow sometime.

Adrien Poly
02/21/2011 11:10pm EST

hello Will the slides and video be posted for this keynote? Thanks

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