HTML5: A Workshop for Publishers

Marcin Wichary (Google)
Workshop Metropolitan East
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A detailed exploration of HTML5 led by Google’s Marcin Wichary.

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Marcin Wichary


Marcin Wichary is a senior user experience designer at Google, where his latest projects included Chrome, Google Instant, and Google’s real-time search. He also programmed the popular Google Pac-Man doodle (and other interactive doodles), and spends a lot of time teaching and evangelizing HTML5 and other modern Web technologies – especially from the standpoint of design and usability. Marcin has been working with Web technologies for the past 16 years; he has a Master’s degree in Computer Science and a doctoral degree in Human-Computer Interaction from Eindhoven University of Technology.

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Picture of Marcin Wichary
Marcin Wichary
02/22/2011 1:57pm EST

The sites and references I had in my presentation are available at the original address at Alas, it’s not possible for me to keep the original presentation at that (or any other) address.

Picture of Mikołaj Małaczyński
Mikołaj Małaczyński
02/19/2011 3:44am EST

The same question from me. Are the samples going to be available under the link mentioned by Mark?

Picture of Mark J. Levitt
Mark J. Levitt
02/16/2011 10:08am EST

Thanks for the great presentation, Marcin! I was told it could be found here, but requests for that URL is returning a 404. Is it available somewhere else?

Picture of Marcin Wichary
Marcin Wichary
02/06/2011 6:52pm EST

Hey Neal, thanks for your interest! Can you clarify what you mean by interactive image content? Without that, I would say it’s pretty good. I will be showing some examples of some interesting and useful things that can be done with images via HTML5 and CSS3.

Picture of neal hoskins
neal hoskins
02/05/2011 8:11am EST

hi marcin

I am looking forward to your talk. How robust is HTML5 to run interactive image content and when used in says web apps with dynamic CSS- could it provide a good and satisfying (across any screen)experience ?
Picture of Marcin Wichary
Marcin Wichary
01/13/2011 7:51am EST

From the organizer of the workshop: What are the things that interest you about HTML5? What would you like to know more about or practice during the workshop? Let me know!

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