What Do eReading Customers Really, Really Want? An In-depth, Research, and Data-driven Exploration of Reading Behavior, Content Consumption, and Consumer Attitudes Toward eReaders and Multifunction Devices

Cheryl Goodman (Qualcomm MEMS Technologies, Inc ), Michael Tamblyn (Kobo)
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Since the last O’Reilly’s Tools of Change conference, the publishing world has experienced remarkable growth, challenging those producing content, platforms and devices to understand and keep up with changing consumer trends.

Unfortunately, in the absence of good data, many publishers, developers, device manufacturers, retailers, and other industry players have been making business decisions based upon assumptions about consumer expectations. But, the era of guessing what ereading customers want may be nearing its end.

In this session, Jim Cathey, vice president of business development for Qualcomm MEMS Technologies, and Kobo EVP Michael Tamblyn bring publishers and others closer than ever to understanding what consumers really want from the ereading experience. Cathey and Tamblyn will present never-before-shared findings based on their respective data and research into consumer eReading behavior, answering such questions as:

  • Does it matter where or how an eReader reads? A discussion of the linkages between devices and reading behavior.
  • Buying vs. actually reading Is there a digital equivalent to the bedside table unread-book-pile?
  • Is there a definitive purchasing profile for readers on different devices? Is there a difference between the mobile buyer and the eInk consumer? Do small screen libraries look different from big screen libraries?
  • What does this say about the next year in ebooks? What could publishers be doing to bring in new readers on each device, and how might publishers optimize their ebooks to capture the highest number of readers across all devices.
Photo of Cheryl  Goodman

Cheryl Goodman

Qualcomm MEMS Technologies, Inc

Cheryl oversees global marketing and communications efforts, including analyst and media relations across international markets, is the division’s liaison with the publishing industry and provides strategic input into market research and product development strategies.

Prior to joining QMT, she managed Qualcomm’s industry analyst relations program and public relations efforts for Qualcomm’s FLO TV and FLO Technologies divisions. Prior to joining Qualcomm, Cheryl served as the director of public relations and marketing for start-up Lindows.com, creator of a Linux-based operating system, and also led public relations efforts at MP3.com. She has extensive experience in broadcast journalism, having served as the technology Web reporter for ABC affiliate KGTV and Web reporter for CBS affiliate KFMB.

Goodman is a frequent spokesperson for QMT: she has been quoted in multiple publications and has spoken at top tier industry events such as The Digital Publishing & Advertising Conference, the Magazine Publishers Association’s Dimensional to Digital, M-Publishing, and DEMO 2009. She also oversees QMT’s successful awards program, which includes honors such as the WSJ Innovation Award, PC Magazine Technical Excellence Award, EDN Innovation Award, Andrew Seybold Choice Award and finalist standing for the CES Innovation Awards and GSMA Global Mobile Awards.

Goodman attended San Diego State University, where she earned a bachelor’s in political science and television, new media and film. She was named 2010’s Marketing/Marcomm Leader of the Year by PR News. In 2004, she was nominated for PR Leader of the Year by T-Sector Magazine.

Find Cheryl’s updates on digital publishing and portable device ecosystem at Qualcomm’s blog, OnQ, and via QMT’s Twitter feed, @mirasoldisplays.

Photo of Michael Tamblyn

Michael Tamblyn


Michael Tamblyn is Executive Vice President, Content, Sales and Merchandising at Kobo, Inc. He is responsible for sales, publisher and industry relations, content acquisition, and the merchandising experience across all of Kobo’s web and mobile services. He co-founded Canada’s first online bookstore Bookshelf.ca, which was purchased by Indigo Books & Music in 1998, where he served as vice president of online operations. Most recently, Tamblyn was the founding CEO of the supply chain agency BookNet Canada. He also works as an adjunct professor in publishing, sat as a board member of the Book Industry Study Group and currently sits on the board of directors of House of Anansi Press, Canada’s most prestigious literary publisher.

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Picture of Jesse Burke
Jesse Burke
02/16/2011 8:10am EST

To be fair, Cheryl presented unique data in both (with some similar themes) and said she rehashed because she had a bad cold and couldn’t wrap up her keynote as succinctly as she liked. Regardless, the commentary was a good mix between data on the book distribution side (Kobo) and the platform/device (Qualcomm) side. Thought the commentary was poignant and exceptionally important for publishers on how small screen adoption lags (in Kobo) compared to larger screens, and the alternate viewpoint (from Qualcomm) that design for the small screen still needs innovation (print to large screen is a clearer conversion, but there are 4 billion small screens out there – an opp too big for publishers to delegate to the bottom of their effort.

Picture of Howard Cornett
Howard Cornett
02/16/2011 6:34am EST

Michael’s data was wonderful and useful (5 stars). Cheryl’s was more or less a rehash of her keynote (3 stars).

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