Creating a Practical Social Media Strategy for Authors, Customers, and Colleagues: A Case Study

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SAS is the world’s largest privately held software company. SAS Publishing is an in-house publisher responsible for the creation, marketing, sales and distribution of books to support SAS software.

The challenge: Vet the social media landscape, conduct research, define a methodology, and create guidelines for integrating social media into the marketing mix.

The implementation: We recognized that social media would have a direct and sustained impact on our business. We had to rethink our marketing organization. Without increasing headcount, we hired a social media expert to create the structure and guide the implementation of a social media strategy within the organization.

We looked at our business and addressed the following questions with respect to social media:
What’s in it for our authors?
What’s in it for our customers?
What’s in it for our company?

In order to maximize our integration of social media, we provided instruction to our authors, customers and colleagues.

The result: The creation of a social media strategy that is relevant, scalable and that benefits authors, customers and our company. We’ll review the specific objectives for each social media outlet we pursued; the internal and external promotions around each social media outlet; and the training associated with each target audience; finally, we’ll look at the metrics we’ve established to measure results.

Integration: We put projects in place to promote our presence, drive traffic, engage authors, and educate colleagues and customers. We’ll share specific examples of the effects social media is having on important stakeholder relationships such as those between author and reader and customer and publisher.

Conclusion: Social media represents a challenging, exciting and mercurial opportunity, but one not to be missed. Through careful planning and research and armed with clear objectives, social media can (and should) be part of your marketing mix.

Photo of Sean Gargan

Sean Gargan

SAS Institute Inc

Sean joined SAS in 1986. As Director, SAS Publishing, Sean heads a team responsible for content creation, business development, global sales, marketing, and distribution for books in support of SAS software. Sean is a graduate of Colorado State University and has more than 20 years experience in the publishing industry.

Photo of Kirsten Hamstra

Kirsten Hamstra

SAS Institute Inc

Kirsten joined SAS in December 2008 as a web marketing specialist and focuses on social media marketing for the Publications division. Prior to SAS, Kirsten was with Edelman Public Relations in Chicago and worked with several industry thought leaders within me2revolution (now Edelman Digital) and corporate reputation management. Kirsten has a B.A. in English from Emory University and a M.A.M.C. in Public Relations from the University of Florida. She has worked for several other media companies including CNN, Atlanta Magazine, Atlanta Press Club and John Wiley & Sons Publishing.

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Picture of Shirley Bailes
Shirley Bailes
02/24/2010 8:24pm EST

@john, it has now been saved as a .ppt. let us know if that downloads for you.

Picture of Mark J. Levitt
Mark J. Levitt
02/24/2010 11:30am EST

@john, try renaming the file from having a .zip extension to a .pptx.

Picture of John Warren
John Warren
02/24/2010 10:33am EST

great presentation and case study. There seems to be a problem with the presentation download though—it does not download properly

Picture of Nathan Hamilton
Nathan Hamilton
02/23/2010 10:12am EST

Good case study based session demonstrating how a social media/digital community manager (a key concept from last year’s TOC) can help a business. Nice to have some examples of things ‘in action.’

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