TOC Conference News & Coverage

Off the Shelf: Exploring Open Access E-textbooks.

by Sue Polanka  Apr. 15, 2010
In previous columns I've explored reference e-book platforms, distributors, and aggregators. This month I want to step out a bit further and explore open-access digital textbooks. I learned a lot about digital textbooks in February when I attended the O'Reilly Tools of Change (TOC) Conference. This conference discusses issues in… read more

Advances in Digital Publishing: O'Reilly TOC Attracts Largest Attendance Yet

[O'Reilly News]
by Maureen Jennings  Mar 30, 2010  

Sebastopol, CA, March 30, 2010 - The people creating the future of publishing filled the O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference at the Marriot Marquis in New York City on February 22-24, 2010. For the first time in its three years as a sold-out event, TOC reached maximum numbers before the conference even began. Over 1,250 members of the publishing community registered to attend TOC and experience the evolution taking digital tools and digital reading to the next level. As Calvin Reid wrote in Publisher's Weekly, "The show's combination of accessible brainy competence and visionary, science-fiction-like projections just seems to pack them in."

The TOC program explored where digital publishing is today and where it will go next, covering topics such as how publishers can get closer to and build communities with their customers, ways publishers can add value for consumers, distribution of content, data's crucial role in digital publishing, the dangers of DRM, the possibilities created by new ereading devices, and the explosive growth of the international mobile market, which program chair Andrew Savikas describes as "a bookstore in your pocket."... read more

O'Reilly Offers Ebook Expertise to Publishers Through Digital Distribution Services Division

[Information Today]
by Theresa Cramer   Mar. 11, 2010
The world of ebooks seems to be in a state of constant flux. Whether it's speculation over the impact of Apple's iPad and the iBook store or an announcement about the newest e-reader device, it seems that there is always something new for publishers to keep up with. With the… read more

Tools of Change Round-up Day 3

by Mike Rankin  Feb. 26, 2010
I started my last day at TOC with a session called Outside the Book Publishing Box by Albert Kurniadi and Ken Huang (MagMe Media Inc.) MagMe is an integrated digital publishing and advertising platform on which you will be able to read a variety of magazines and other publications. MagMe… read more

O'Reilly TOC Conference Reprise

[MPS Blog]
by Jim Link  Mar. 05, 2010
Look alive, publishers! The publishing industry is moving so fast that it is at risk of becoming a spectator sport. The latest O'Reilly Tools of Change (TOC) Conference was held in New York City February 21-24. This year's TOC focused almost exclusively on the production, distribution, marketing, and legal protection… read more

Tools of Change 2010: A Long Ass Round Up

by SB Sarah  Mar. 05, 2010
This year, for 2010, I blocked off three-plus days to attend and visit as much of the conference as I could, and it was well worth it. I love Tools of Change in Publishing because it is, most of the time, a very appealing balance between theoretical, creative thinking and… read more

Tools of Change: Cool Apps and New Communities for Libraries, Teachers, and Students

[School Library Journal]
by Kathy Ishizuka  Mar. 02, 2010
Smart words, a rogue editor, and an application that bridges the physical and digital worlds were among the highlights of this year's Tools of Change for Publishing Conference (TOC) held February 22-24 in New York... read more

Takeaways from Tools of Change #toccon

by Reid Dossinger  Mar. 01, 2010
I spent the earlier part of last week at the Tools Of Change for Publishers conference in New York. I was a first-timer at the conference and was thrilled to be with other people who are at the intersection of publishing and tech, since I'm completely comfortable with the latter,… read more

Tools. Change.

by Kassia Krozser  Feb. 28, 2010
My mark of a good conference is how I feel when it's over. It's a given that I'll be exhausted (I am an introvert after all), so the test is whether or not I'm inspired to do something. Read, write, create, think. This is how I felt at the end… read more

Observations from TOC 2010

[Educational Publishing]
by Julie Graddy  Mar. 01, 2010
The O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference (TOC) aims to "decipher the tools of change in this industry and help cut through the hype for a more profitable future in publishing."... read more

Tools of Change: Thoughts from a Reader's Perspective

by Jane  Feb. 28, 2010
I attended the 2010 Tools of Change conference in New York this past week (which is why some of the posts were late, sorry!). I have three main takeaways and then I'll try to summarize what else I learned... read more

Richard Nash discusses 'Publishing 2.0'

by Chris Meadows  Feb. 27, 2010
A couple of weeks ago, I saw a post on O'Reilly's Tools of Change website that I wanted to cover, but it was so long that I never actually got around to looking at it in the detail I needed, until now... read more

Richard Nash Interview at O'Reilly Tools of Change Conference ...

by Sean Cranbury  Feb. 24, 2010
An excellent video snapshot of some of the common arguments arriving at the intersection of traditional book publishing and digital influence... read more

Exploring the Future of Book Publishing at Tools of ...

[The Huffington Post]
by Mark Coker  Feb. 27, 2010
The sold-out O'Reilly Tools of Change book publishing conference wrapped up this week with keynoters including Raymond Kurzweil, Tim O'Reilly and HuffPo's very own Arianna Huffington. A good conference challenges you to stretch your ... read more

Three Things I "Knew" Before the O'Reilly Tools of Change ...

[The Write Thought]
by Stephen Blake Mettee  Feb. 27, 2010
One of the reasons to attend conferences is to confirm that your current beliefs and practices are valid. If you are anything like me, you, on occasion, make business decisions and take actions based on gut feelings or past experiences.. read more

One Author Asks: "Who Needs You, Big Publishing?"

by Jason Boog  Feb. 26, 2010
At the Tools of Change conference in New York City this week, author Scott Sigler delivered a provocative presentation entitled: Who Needs You, Big Publishing?... read more

Arianna At TOC Publishing Conference: We're In A Golden Age Of Publishing

by Jessie Kunhardt   Feb. 26, 2010
Earlier this week, Arianna Huffington helped kick off the Tools of Change (TOC) Publishing Conference as a keynote speaker. She spoke about HuffPost Books and how important it is for publishers to step into the future and embrace the changes that are taking over the industry. We are in a… read more

TOC 2010 Coverage

[No Shelf Required]
by Sue Polanka  Feb. 26, 2010
A collection of TOC 2010 articles by No Shelf Required... read more

Ebooks: Getting Beyond Disruption

[Harvard Business Review]
by Ania Wieckowsk  Feb. 26, 2010
At O'Reilly Media's Tools of Change for Publishing conference in New York this week, book industry dreamers and doers gathered, as they do every year, to learn how to capitalize on the incredibly disruptive force of digital media. This year marked a critical shift, however... read more

An expert view of unicorns and digital rights management

[O'Reilly News]
by Mac Slocum  Feb. 26, 2010
Kirk Biglione, principal at Oxford Media Works, was tracking the Apple tablet/ iPad way before other analysts. I believe he was one of the first to dub it "the unicorn," a phrase that beautifully captures the inflated hopes and the actual promise attached to the thing... read more

Take-Aways From Tools of Change 2010

[THe Harper Studio]
by Debbie Reade  Feb. 26, 2010
All in all, I loved TOC 2010. I signed up for next year before I left the convention center... read more

TOC 2010

[GWU MPS Publishing program]
by Y Quinn   Feb. 26, 2010
This week I attended O'Reilly's Tools of Change for Publishing 2010 conference in NYC. I had attended this conference back in 2008 and learned a ton about digital publishing so it was important to me to go back and see what was going on this year... read more

O'Reilly Media's Tools of Change Conference Highlights Copyright, Digital Textbooks

[Library Journal]
by Josh Hadro  Feb. 26, 2010
Those at the forefront of digital content gathered in New York City for O'Reilly Media's fourth annual Tools of Change (TOC) for Publishing Conference, February 22-24. The conference's opening day featured talk of alternatives to copyright as a business model, and the growing customization of digital textbooks which may press… read more

In the face of change, reinvent your small business

[USA Today]
by Rhonda Abrams  Feb. 26, 2010
This week I went looking for some answers at the Tools of Change for Publishing conference in New York, run by O'Reilly, a publisher of technology information. The conference's mission is to help those who create content - whether books, newspapers, or magazine publishers - embrace the new technologies of… read more

The 3 Big Themes from Tools of Change

[Electric Alphabet]
by Kate Eltham  Feb. 26, 2010
A round up of key themes and ideas from the 2010 O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing conference... read more

Smashwords: Tools of Change Conference Notes

by Mark Coker  Feb. 25, 2010
I just returned home from the O'Reilly Tools of Change Conference in New York and thought I'd share some of my notes. TOC had a record turnout this year. The conference was sold out with 1200+ people packed into the Marriott Marquis in ... read more

Lessons from O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing 2010

[Publishing Trends]
by Laura Hazard Owen  Feb. 25, 2010
"If you don't eat your own children, someone else will": That's how Michael Mace, Principal of the Silicon Valley-based Rubicon Consulting, began his presentation, "Check Out My Scars: Seven Lessons from the Failure of E-Books in 2000, and What They Mean to the Future of Electronic Publishing," at the 2010… read more

E-book Resellers, O'Reilly, and Scribd

by Rob Reynolds  Feb. 25, 2010
Today's update focuses foremost on the rise of the e-bookstore and possible implications. At the O'Reilly TOC conference this week, Google Editions Product Manager Abe Murray spoke about the need to "buy anywhere and read anywhere." His point was that today, a consumer can buy the same.. read more

Tools of Change for Writers and Publishers from Arthur Attwell: Curation and Licensing

[BOOK SA - News]
by Ben  Feb. 25, 2010
For those of you slow to pick up on it, this is a big deal. #toccon, as the conference is known on Twitter, is arguably the world's most important event for publishing innovation. As one of SA's most innovative thinkers in the sector, then, Attwell fit right in... read more

O'Reilly Digital Distribution Debuts at TOC

[Publisher's Weekly]
by Calvin Reid  Feb. 23, 2010
Looking to turn its e-publishing expertise into a new business, O'Reilly Media is launching O'Reilly Digital Distribution, a new division offering publishers a complete e-book publishing service. Starting with text conversion, O'Reilly Digital Distribution can output files in any format for any device or e-reader and market and distribute the… read more

Book, Everybody Wants To Be Friends With You

by Bruce Upbin  Feb. 25, 2010
Two days ago I went to the O'Reilly Tools of Change Publishing conference at the Marriott in Times Square. It's a pretty well-attended conference, focused on e-books, e-book readers and embracing digital change. Twelve hundred people showed up to hear about what's next... read more

Consumers in the Cloud: Google and Digital Books (TOCCON 2010)

by Steve Vosloo  Feb. 23, 2010
At O'Reilly Publishing Tools of Change (TOC) conference: Consumers in the Cloud: Google and Digital Books presented by Abe Murray, Product Manager at Google Books... read more

Tools of Change Round-up Day 2

by Mike Rankin  Feb. 23, 2010
The second day of the Tools of Change conference left me with a notebook and a brain overflowing with ideas, information, and inspiration. It's almost too much to digest in one day. I feel like a ZIP archive-compressed... read more

TOC Report: The future of digital textbooks

by Paul Biba  Feb. 23, 2010
John Warren; Eric Frank - Flatworld; Frank Lyman - Coresmart; Nicholas Smith - Agile Mind; Neeru Khosla - CK12 Founcation. Flatworld: open access textbooks but still able to generate sustainable revenue CK12: doing same thing but completely in K to 12 market. Providing online services and developed online reader. Coresmart: Many textbooks… read more

TOC Report: 10 secrets of digital publishing no one will tell you

by Paul Biba  Feb. 24, 2010
Peter Costanzo and Rick Joyce Perseus Books Group: independent publishing company and distribute other independent publishers. Surveyed their independent publishing clients. What is most significant focus in 2010: ebooks, social media and direct consumer were highest top 3. What percentage of your titles will be ebooks in 2010: 30% less… read more

TOC - Ignite (5 minute sessions)

[No Shelf Required]
by Sue Polanka  Feb. 23, 2010
Ignite offers individuals 5 minutes to speak about a particular topic or to promote a product. At TOC a series of speakers participated in ignite. A selection of summaries are below... read more

TOC - Tim O'Reilly Keynote

[No Shelf Required]
by Sue Polanka  Feb. 24, 2010
Your job as a publisher is to do things for authors that they can't do for themselves. Remember what you really do, it may not be the cool/sexy stuff, it's the boring stuff and you have to be good at those things in this era. If not, someone else will… read more

Seeking "Aha" at O'Reilly's Tools of Change Conference

by Edward Nawotka  Feb. 25, 2010
So for me, the "aha" moment at TOC was realizing that you can listen to presentations and keynote speeches for three days in a row, but the ultimate innovations happen when you step outside your comfort zone, act on the ideas that you think will work, and stop accepting that… read more

The O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference

by Michael Hyatt  Feb. 25, 2010
I have spent the last three days at the O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference in New York. This conference is designed to address the issues related to publishing and technology. This was my second year to attend... read more

OReilly Media TOC Conference: NY, 2010 - Day One, Overview

by Mick Rooney  Feb. 23, 2010
The Future of Publishing will live on, in, and around the Web community... read more

Copyright, piracy and anti-DRM dominate Tools of Change

by Gayle Feldman   Feb. 24, 2010
Copyright, piracy and DRM (or rather, the anti-DRM argument); the need for publishers to refocus into narrower verticals; tipping points, pricing, and lessons from the music business and from early attempts at e-books were the dominant themes at Tools of Change (TOC) in New York... read more

These Ain't Last Year's eReaders

by Craig Morgan Teicher   Feb. 23, 2010
At the TOC conference this year, the conversation is not longer about explaining eBook basicis - now panelists are talking about interoperability between dozens of devices, reading on the cloud, and how not to piss off consumers, who suddenly have a lot of devices and stores to choose between... read more

Author, sell thyself (but in a good way)

by Mac Slocum  Feb. 24, 2010
Authors who want to jump into Twitter, Facebook and all the rest should pay heed to Chris Brogan. He's spent years - more than a decade - carrying on a conversation with his audience. Take a look at the sheer number of @ replies in his Twitter feed and you'll… read more

TOC: MORE Than a Ripple About Reading!

Feb. 23, 2010
Most recently there has much talk in contemporary America about 'change' but how much do you know or have heard of Tools of Change (TOC) - which to be most concise is about, how you/I will read as we talk 21st century and beyond. Yep! Its about how we evolve... read more

Tools of Change - Future of Digital Textbooks

[No Shelf Required]
by Sue Polanka  Feb. 23, 2010
Tools of Change Conference � Future of Digital Textbooks, Feb. 23 10:45- 11:30. Speakers: John Warren (Moderator) , Eric Frank, Flatworld Knowledge; Frank Lyman, CourseSmart; Nicholas Smith, Agile Mind; and Neeru Khosle, CK12 Foundation... read more

TOC - Tools of Change Keynote Speakers

[No Shelf Required]
by Sue Polanka  Feb. 23, 2010
Day One, TOC Conference, about 1200 attendees in the North and South Ballrooms of the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. Good lineup for keynotes this morning including: Peter Collingridge with Enhanced Editions, William Patry with Google, Skip Prichard from Ingram Content Group, Sameer Shariff from Impelsys, and Arianna Huffington from… read more

TOC Report: Notes on Michael Mace's presentation: Check out my scars, seven lessens from the failure of ebooks in 2000

by Karen Holt  Feb. 23, 2010
2001 ebook devices, 3 to 7 million in sales, Industry Standard. Kindle estimated sold about 2 million total. What went wrong: Not enough books available. Expensive and tepid publisher involvement. Prices were too high... High prices, too few titles, no one wants to invest in a device. Usage patterns : Since they won�t buy… read more

TOC Report: How academics and students use ebooks - JISC National Ebooks Observatory Project

by Paul Biba  Feb. 23, 2010
Caren Milloy, JISC (United Kingdom): huge survey of users with over 23,000 responses on ebook use from students and academics and librarians. Data presented was all about students, despite the title... read more

Day Two at O'Reilly's Tools of Change Conference, New York

by Hannah Johnson  Feb. 24, 2010
The second day of TOC 2010 saw an increase in attendees over 2009 and packed a full program of over 50 speakers into a single day. Speakers included experts from within the publishing community as well as people working in other areas of technology, media and business. Some of the… read more

TOC Publishing Conference Takeaways

by Stephen Blake Mettee  Feb. 24, 2010
Here, in random order, are a few quotes worth contemplating-often paraphrased-from various speakers at the O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference. My apologies to the speakers for not attributing these, all were brilliant and many said basically the same things in different and enlightening ways... read more

Tools of Change: Cool Market Solutions and Mind-Blowing Paradigms

[Publisher's Weekly]
by Calvin Reid  Feb. 24, 2010
Even a cold pouring rain couldn't hold down attendance at O'Reilly Media's fourth annual Tools of Change for Publishing Conference, held once again at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Manhattan. Sold out once again, the TOC's blend of highly technical workshops, business case studies and more conversational panels focused on… read more

More on O'Reilly Tools of Change

[IBPA-Publishing's Independent Voice]
by ibpablog  Feb. 24, 2010
More on O'Reilly Tools of Change - The customer has stepped out of the bookstore and into the foyer of the publishing houses, they are knocking on the doors of authors, and asking to be addressed as individuals. ... read more

New Digital Services for Publishers- O'Reilly Media Alert: Ebooks

by editor  Feb. 24, 2010
O'Reilly Media announced today an innovative new digital service at O'Reilly's Tools of Change for Publishing Conference in New York City. O'Reilly's new division aims to help publishers meet the demands and challenges of ... read more

New Digital Services for Publishers--O'Reilly Media Alert: Ebooks. Digital formats. Mobile Apps. And more.

[O'Reilly News]
by Sara Peyton  Feb 23, 2010  New York, NY - O'Reilly Media announced today an innovative new digital service at O'Reilly's Tools of Change for Publishing Conference in New York City. O'Reilly's new division aims to help publishers meet the demands and challenges of the 21st century. For publishers to succeed today, their content must be available in multiple formats, distributed through many channels. There's much to understand and do, including converting and formatting files, finding and managing distribution channels, sales and marketing, and collecting and analyzing sales data. At O'Reilly, we already do all this for our own content and for Microsoft Press. Indeed, over the past four years, O'Reilly has invested in a technical toolchain that allows us to easily open new markets and channels. Beginning today O'Reilly will make our digital toolchain and sales and marketing capabilities available to every other publisher... read more

Tools of Change Keynotes: Enhanced eBooks, Regulatory Capitalism, and Confused Customers

by Jason Boog  Feb. 23, 2010
Today the Tools of Change conference opened in New York City. GalleyCat and eBookNewser will cover the event together. While Twitter usage is dicey at the massive conference, we'll be covering the event here and on Twitter... read more

The chaos and the opportunity in Arab publishing

[O'Reilly News]
by Mac Slocum  Feb. 23, 2010
Ramy Habeeb, director and co-founder of Kotobarabia, sat down with us at TOC 2010 to discuss the current state of Arab publishing as well as the impact mobile and epublishing may have on that market... read more

Arianna Huffington and the Future of the Book Review

by Jason Boog  Feb. 23, 2010
As the publishing world converged at the Tools of Change conference in New York City this week, GalleyCat Reviews took careful notes during Arianna Huffington's keynote speech about treating book reviews as "conversation starters."... read more

OverDrive To Feature More Open Content and Catalog

[Publisher's Weekly]
Feb. 22, 2010
Just in time for the O'Reilly Tools of Change conference that started yesterday in New York City, ebook and media platform vendor OverDrive announced a new set of services for 2010, catering to both its publishing and library clients... read more

Wordnik Launches Initiative to Make E-Readers Smarter

[Wall Street Journal]
by Sarmad Ali  Feb. 23, 2010
The Smartwords initiative, which will be announced on Tuesday afternoon at the 2010 O'Reilly Tools of Change Publishing Conference in New York, is a new platform that enables e-book publishers and software developers add layers of information about words to their products and devices... read more

Peeking inside Tools of Change

[LA Times]
by Carolyn Kellogg  Feb. 22, 2010
The O'Reilly Media Tools of Change conference, focused on what's next in publishing, started Monday morning in New York. Jacket Copy isn't there, but we knew that attendees at the sold-out conference would be keeping us in the loop... read more

Day One at TOC New York

by Hannah Johnson  Feb. 22, 2010
O'Reilly's now industry-standard Tools of Change for Publishing conference began today in New York City with workshops focused on best practices and business opportunities for book publishers. Speakers included members of the book publishing industry as well as professionals from the mobile and video industries... read more

TOC 2010 Day 1 #toccon

by Hannah Johnson  Feb. 22, 2010
Check out the video from the first day of TOC 2010... read more

Digital Printing & Other Tools of Change for Publishing

by Emily Goligoski  Feb. 22, 2010
The concept of content as king was a welcome one upon landing in New York late today, and the Tools of Change for Publishing conference was not a surprising source from which to hear it. Northern California companies Chronicle Books and host O'Reilly (along with Ignite co-founder Brady Forrest) were… read more

The e-reader growth spurt of 2010

[O'Reilly Radar]
by Mac Slocum  Feb. 23, 2010
At Tools of Change for Publishing Conference, ThreePress Consulting president Liza Daly introduced attendees to the small crop of e-readers in the nascent e-reader market. There weren't many devices to choose from a year ago, but the session hinted at big changes to come.... read more

The future of publishing lives on and around the web -

[O'Reilly Radar]
by Mac Slocum  Feb. 23, 2010
My favorite part of TOC is the energy. There's a lot of positivity coursing through the venue. There's a lot of forward thinking, too. And when you run into Richard Nash, founder of Cursor, you're encountering the embodiment of all that TOC enthusiasm. He's the anti-curmudgeon... read more

Tools of Change Round-up Day 1

by Mike Rankin  Feb. 23, 2010
In the morning, I attended Practical Ebook Formatting: Limitations and Optimizations by Joshua Tallent (eBook Architects) and Phil Frank (Hendrickson Publishers). The overall message I got from this session was that when it comes to ebook formatting, we're in something like the "browser wars" of the '90s, with eReaders like… read more

TOC Report: Be followed, but follow selectively; authors can help ...

by Karen Holt  Feb. 23, 2010
That's the word from two popular workshops held during day one at the O'Reilly Tools of Change conference. Twitter's the smart, the ineffective and the annoying ways publishers use it - was the focus of a session run by O'Reilly associate ... read more

On the technology and learning trail

by John Warren   Feb. 20, 2010
I'm looking forward to three packed days of learning and discussion at O'Reilly's Tools of Change conference. So many great sessions, workshops, and keynotes are scheduled on an impressive variety of topics, not to mention a social event here and there. I don't know when I'll sleep!... As a prelude… read more

Media: Don't Fear New Technologies

by Andrew Savikas  Feb. 19, 2010
A common fear among those in large media businesses (book publishing, music, newspapers, movies) is that the Web and digital technology threaten existing business models, organizational structures and industry dynamics... read more

Ingram Marketing Group launches PubLink, a comprehensive catalog and galley platform

Feb. 22, 2010
LA VERGNE, TN. Ingram Marketing Group Inc., the marketing and advertising agency of Ingram, today announced the launch of PubLinksm, a specialized software/CRM tool that gives publishers a robust and flexible platform to manage, track and deliver product catalogs and galleys in both print and electronic formats. The powerful functionality… read more

BTB #156: Report: 'The State of Copyright Age'

Feb. 19, 2010
Traveling this weekend to New York City for the sold-out "Tools of Change (TOC 2010)" publishing industry conference? Consider putting on your schedule Copyright in Motion featuring Ned May, Director & Lead Analyst of the research firm Outsell... read more

TRE 10 Andrew Savikas

[The Reading Edge Podcast]
by Len Edgerly  Feb. 17, 2010
Andrew also runs O'Reilly's Tools of Change conference Feb. 22-24 in New York City, which just reached sold-out status. More than 1,000 attendees will have a chance to explore the changing world of publishing, and much of the content will be available online soon. If you can't wait, you can… read more

Copia Is Coming to Tools of Change

[Publisher's Weekly]
by Calvin Reid  Feb. 18, 2010
Fresh off a buzz-generating appearance at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the enterprise and consumer electronics firm DMC Worldwide is in New York City showing off Copia, a new Web site offering a reading social network platform and e-commerce that includes a suite of linked digital reading… read more

Fear and Loving at TOC

by Laura Dawson   Feb. 18, 2010
It's that time again, when the digi-literati convene on the Marriott Marquis in Manhattan and gleefully frighten the hell out of everybody. (One year, after Seth Godin gave a presentation, a CEO muttered to me, "Now do I slit my wrists?") read more

O'Reilly TOC Conference a Sold Out Event Again: Advance Registration for Next Year's Event Opens

[O'Reilly News]
by Maureen Jennings  Feb 17, 2010  Sebastopol, CA, February 17, 2010 - O'Reilly Media announces that the O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference has sold out for its third consecutive year. While the previous two TOCs were also sold out events, this year's conference is the first to reach capacity a week in advance. TOC will bring the leaders inventing the future of publishing to the Marriott Marquis in New York City on February 22-24, 2010. For those who want to guarantee their attendance at TOC 2011, scheduled for February 14-16 of 2011 in New York, O'Reilly will open advance registration during this year's event. A special early registration period will open at TOC 2010 on February 23... read more

Tools of Change Warm-up: Videos on The Future of Publishing

by Mike Rankin  Feb. 17, 2010
Starting next Monday, Feb 22, I will be reporting from the O'Reilly Tools of Change Conference in New York City. During the three days I am there I will do my best to gather each and every interesting nugget on the future directions of publishing from both technology and business… read more

O'Reilly Media TOC Conference: New York, February 22nd to 24th 2010

[POD, Self Publishing & Independent Publishing]
by Mick Rooney  Feb. 16, 2010
O'Reilly Media have long proved they know how to do digital publishing conferences. Next week's O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference from February 22nd to 24th will be no exception. It takes place at the Marriott Marquis Time Square in New York City... read more

Upcoming O'Reilly TOC Publishing Conference Explores Technology, Social and Structural Change

by Gene Schwartz  Feb. 08, 2010
An information and session-packed fourth annual O'Reilly Tools of Change Conference will launch on Monday morning, February 22 at the NY Marriott Marquis and run through mid-afternoon, Thursday February 24. Focused on the latest in both the structural as well as technological changes transforming the publishing industry, more then 120… read more

Huffington, Patry, Kurzweil Highlight O'Reilly's Tools of Change Confab

[Publisher's Weekly]
by Calvin Reid  Feb. 12, 2010
O'Reilly Media's Tools of Change For Publishing Conference will be held at New York's Marriott Marquis Hotel February 22-24, once again bringing together a slate of publishing executives, digital technicians and new media prognosticators to discuss (and debate) everything from the intricacies of software development to the current state of… read more

O'Reilly's Andrew Savikas on the Amazon and Macmillan Price Fight

by Jason Boog  Feb. 01, 2010
After Amazon and Macmillan engaged in a battle of wills over eBook pricing this weekend, we went straight to a digital pioneer for more thoughts about price war. Today's guest on the Morning Media Menu was Andrew Savikas, the VP of Digital Initiatives at O'Reilly Media... read more

Be a Tool of Change (But Never a Tool)

by Sarah Wendell  Jan. 26, 2010
I have a huge giveaway today. Huge. Freaking enormous. I'm really excited about it. As part of my media partnership with O'Reilly Tools of Change, I've been given a conference code good for free registration for the 2010 Tools of Change in Publishing Conference, being held February 23 through 24,… read more

Tools of Change in Publishing

by Sarah Wendell  Jan. 18, 2010
One panel I'm on is titled Test Driving the Digital Reading Experience, and it's all about - you guessed it - the Smart Bitches Test Drive of Sony Readers in 2009. My part of the presentation will explain a bit about the demographics that made up the pool of Test… read more

A Conversation with Andrew Savikas of O'Reilly Media

[The Huffington Post]
by Ramon Nuez  Jan. 21, 2010
One of the most exciting O'Reilly conferences is the Tools of Change for Publishing (TOC). This conference focuses on how publishers can leverage technology to make a more profitable future... read more

Arianna Huffington to Present Keynote at Tools of Change Conference

by Jason Boog  Jan. 13, 2010
Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington will deliver a keynote presentation at the annual Tools of Change conference this year, O'Reilly Media announced this afternoon... read more

The Evolution of Digital Publishing: O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference Announces Program and Opens Registration

[O'Reilly News]
by Maureen Jennings  Nov. 04, 2009
Sebastopol, CA, November 4, 2009 - The digital transformation in reading, writing, and publishing is happening faster than many imagined, fueled by the explosive growth of the mobile web. The O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference explores the new digital realities of publishing February 22-24, 2010, at the Marriot… read more

e-Books: Averting a Digital Horror Story

by Spencer E. Ante  Dec. 30, 2009
Tim O'Reilly may be pushing experimentation further than anyone. His company's decision to sell monthly subscription access to all its user manuals and other materials has been a hit with companies, universities, and training organizations, growing to 20% of overall revenue. "We see ourselves as the canaries in the coal… read more

Frankfurt Book Fair: Sara Lloyd Kicks Off First European TOC

[Publishers Weekly]
by Rachel Deahl  Oct. 13, 2009
Most seats were taken at the opening keynote for the first Tools of Change conference in Europe, taking place on Tuesday, one day before this year's Frankfurt Book Fair. Sara Lloyd of Pan Macmillan kicked off the event, continuing a speech she gave at the TOC in New York in… read more

Networking In The Virtual Hallway @TOC Online Conference

by Morris Rosenthal  Oct. 12, 2009
Last Thursday I attended the O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Online Conference - An Emphasis on Ebooks, on a media pass. That's my FTC blogger disclaimer. Travel was through arrangement with my feet and I slept in my own bed, which are two important votes for the concept of… read more

Bits of Destruction Hit the Book Publishing Business: Part 4

by Bernard Lunn  Aug. 17, 2009
During the 2009 O'Reilly TOC Conference, Jason Fried of 37signals described the book that he and his colleagues had written based on lessons learned from creating and servicing their successful project management and collaboration product named Basecamp. They published their book with and report sales of almost $500,000 in… read more

Wanted: Proposals for TOC 2010

[TOC Publishing News: News from the Future of Publishing]
Jul. 23, 2009
If you follow us on Twitter, you already know that the Call for Proposals is now open for the 2010 Tools of Change for Publishing Conference (Feb. 22-24, 2010 in New York). One of our main themes last year was that all publishing is now digital publishing, and that's becoming clearer… read more

News Release: The Once and Future Book: O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference Opens Call for Participation

[O'Reilly News ]
by Maureen Jennings  Jul 21, 2009  

Sebastopol, CA, July 21, 2009 — The O'’Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference (TOC) will explore the critical trends emerging around the business of digital publishing February 22-24, 2010, at the Marriot Marquis in New York City. From authoring, editing, and layout to distribution and consumption, new technologies are changing all aspects of publishing. As digitalization and globalization continue to accelerate the rate of change, publishers face the urgent necessity of building a solid business on the shifting foundation of paid vs. free content, format and device innovations, conflicting standards and royalties. TOC offers publishers the blueprints for success.

Program Chair Andrew Savikas invites proposals for conference sessions and tutorials for this fourth annual TOC Conference, where the program will decipher the tools of change in this industry, show how to put theory into practice, and cut through the hype for a more profitable future in publishing.

read more

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