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Location: Harlem (7th Floor) Level:
Matt Jacobson (Connotate), Michael Hunziker (Interactive Data Corporation)
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Interactive Data deployed hundreds of intelligent software Agents to address the recurring manual processes of data monitoring, collection, alerting and file download. Connotate’s Agents increased overall quality and timeliness of data while reducing staff hours required for daily processing. Acting as productivity amplifiers, Agents deliver strong ROI by enabling a “Work Smarter” culture. Read more.
Location: Columbia -Duffy (7th Floor) Level:
Jack McKeown (Books & Books Westhampton Beach), Tom Thompson (Verso Advertising)
Learn how to optimize the online reach and cost-effectiveness of your book marketing campaigns. Verso's vertical ad network targets and engages the consumers you want to capture, utilizing the latest in contextual, demographic, behavioral and retargeting technology and more than 4,300 specialty content websites with over 110 million monthly unique visitors. Read more.
Location: Columbia -Duffy (7th Floor) Level:
Sameer Shariff (iPublishCentral)
Electronic publishing is the future. Publishers are stepping up efforts to implement their online strategies to gain visibility, understand their customer and establish a direct relationship with them. Publishers are looking for a solution that removes high costs and time barriers and offers a way to experiment with different online business models. Read more.
Location: Harlem (7th Floor) Level:
William Rosenblatt (GiantSteps Media Technology Strategies), John Kreisa (Mark Logic)
The recent landmark settlement between Google and book publishers has the potential to revolutionize online publishing; it sets the stage for a vast array of new business models. Will you be ready to reap the rewards? Will you be able to organize and deliver your content in the way that Google – and other online services – can use it to increase your revenue and exposure? Read more.
Location: Columbia -Duffy (7th Floor) Level:
Bill McCoy (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
This session will present Adobe’s open, cross-platform digital publishing solution, demonstrating content creation tools for PDF and EPUB, servers, Rich Internet Applications for downloadable distribution as well as new mobile support for EPUB and PDF distribution. The focus will be on Adobe’s vision for the future of digital texts beyond “print page replica” models and traditional eBooks, Read more.
Location: Harlem (7th Floor) Level:
Russell P. Reeder (Media Temple, Inc.), Chris Odom (LibreDigital)
The digital revolution has often provoked more questions than answers. That’s because content owners have always needed to balance a desirable breadth of distribution options with the need to exercise control over copyrights and a profound and correct perspective on where proprietary content has been distributed. Read more.
Location: Harlem (7th Floor) Level:
Rainer Heckmann (Quark, Inc. )
Due in large part to the proliferation of communication channels – print, Web, email, mobile - today’s publishers face dramatically evolving requirements for the creation, production, and distribution of content. Dynamic publishing offers benefits across the publishing value chain to help organizations meet these market pressures. Read more.
Location: Columbia -Duffy (7th Floor) Level:
Tricia Roth (ReadHowYouWant)
Technological innovation⎯digitization, XML, POD⎯together with a growing legion of baby boomers, have opened the doors and created demand for accessible publishing. New technologies enable publishers to offer books in any way readers want to read them. Ebooks, large print, super large print, braille, DAISY & audio formats are the future of publishing Read more.
Location: Harlem (7th Floor) Level:
Walter Walker (codeMantra LLC), Melissa Lutchkus (CodeMantra, LLC)
Gone are the days when a book was simply a physical assembly of folded and gather pages, bound as a series of chapters in a case or paperback perfect binding. Gone are the days when the only formats publishers had to concern themselves with were hard cover, trade paperback or mass market paperback. In today’s world a book can be a file format; Read more.
Location: Columbia -Duffy (7th Floor) Level:
CJ Rayhill (Safari Books Online)
Safari Books Online is an on-demand digital library that provides one integrated source for over 7300 expert reference and learning materials from leading publishers. This session will provide actual interaction with the site, which includes exclusive access to the collections of O’Reilly Media, Peachpit Press, Cisco Press, Addison-Wesley, Read more.
Location: Harlem (7th Floor) Level:
Chandi Perera (Typefi Systems)
It is a misconception that automated publishing inherently means bland or apparent cookie-cutter design. By creating a standard taxonomy, leveraging industry-standards such as XML, Word and InDesign, it is possible to create highly-designed products that are capable of easily changing based on market demands. Read more.
Location: Columbia -Duffy (7th Floor) Level:
David Taylor (Lightning Source, Inc.), Frank Daniels (Ingram Digital)
Publishers are increasingly faced with decisions about where to make the investments to maximize their opportunities. Consumers are demanding more flexibility and speed in the ways that they purchase content. Digital options continue to emerge, while print is very much with us. Developing the right balance is difficult. Read more.
Location: Harlem (7th Floor) Level:
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As publishers are increasingly moving to make investments in their digital strategy, there are questions about what are the technologies that will best support that strategy. Mr. Bachana will present how DAM, XML servers, Web content management systems, text mining engines and multi-channel technologies support the publishers' digital needs, which you need today and which are not as critical. Read more.
Location: Columbia -Duffy (7th Floor) Level:
Vincent Henderson (Innodata Isogen)
For years, eBook sales have failed to match the lofty visions of industry observers. But now, as sales of eBooks are expected to continue growing in 2009 and beyond, many leading media, e-commerce and publishing companies are making plans to take advantage of this market’s potential. Read more.
Location: Columbia -Duffy (7th Floor) Level:
Steve Jewett (Appingo)
SamePage is web based, schedule-driven, and addresses the common publishing production management issues. SamePage tracks status, tasks, reporting, budgeting, talent sourcing, content management, and forecasting with a sane user experience. SamePage is built on a foundation of scalable, open source technologies, including the Apache web server, PostgreSQL RDBMS, and Python programming language. Read more.
  • Impelsys Inc.
  • Ingram Industries
  • oXygen XML Editor
  • Adobe Systems, Inc.
  • codeMantra
  • Connotate
  • DPCI
  • Innodata Isogen, Inc.
  • LibreDigital
  • Lulu
  • Malloy
  • Mark Logic
  • Media Services Group
  • Quark, Inc.
  • ReadHowYouWant
  • RSuite
  • Safari Books Online
  • Smashwords, Inc.
  • Sterling Commerce
  • Verso Digital

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