Presentations: Lightning Demos

TOC Lightning Demos, happening Tuesday evening, will give you invaluable insight into new technologies and up-and-coming companies that serve publishers. A snappy series of five-minute demonstrations, the event includes time to chat with presenters.

Bob Goldstein (Apeer Inc)
Apeer is a new and never seen before communications tool that transforms the business-to-business interactions by drastically altering the information exchange experience.
adam hyde (Esetera)
FLOSS Manuals have been refining the process of writing a full manual in one week. Adam Hyde will talk about what a Book Sprint is and showcase some successful results.
Travis Alber (Publicis Lifebrands Medicus / Digitas Health), Aaron Miller (ReadSocial)
A brief demonstration of how BookGlutton has integrated chat and shared annotations into its Unbound Reader.
Aaron Stanton (Novel Projects, Inc.)
The most powerful technologies in the publishing industry have traditionally been the scariest. They required the most radical change, and the most loss of control for the publisher. Novel Projects takes a look at the love/hate relationship between technology and publishing, and the new generation of tools set to radically change the role of technology in the daily life of a publishing house.
Nizar Jamal (iPublishCentral)
A demonstration of an automated process for creation of widgets with cover art and marketing content.
Tom Perrin (CyProof LLC)
ErrNET is the most comprehensive and accurate proofreading software on the market. It is Web-based, works with PDF files, and checks grammar, spelling, style, punctuation, and website links (URLs). It is a cost-effective solution that benefits authors, editors, and publishers. ErrNET will reduce editorial time and publishing costs and improve the quality of writing.
Peter Clifton (FiledBy, Inc.)
Peter Clifton, President & CEO of FiledBy, Inc. will discuss the forthcoming Beta release of filedbyauthor. The site is a comprehensive online directory of web pages for every published U.S. and Canadian author, regardless of category or genres. There are more than 1.2 million pre-assembled author pages and over 6 million books.
Lisa Bos (Really Strategies, Inc.)
Lisa Bos, CTO of RSuite, will create an eBook in real-time using content harvested from her content management system.
Rolfe Swinton (Apollo Media)
Re4ctor Mobile allows a publisher to deliver their content easily to any kind of mobile phone -- from Nokias to Blackberrys to iPhones.
Noora Guldemond (metaio, Inc.)
This demo will show examples of how classical print media can be enriched with digital content like movies and 3D animations created with the Augmented Reality technology by metaio.
Daren Benzi (Plastic Logic, Inc. ), Anusha Nirmalananthan (Plastic Logic, Inc. )
Plastic Logic will demo its new eReader, the first electronic device specifically made for a better digital reading experience for newspapers, magazines, books and work documents. Based on Plastic Logic’s revolutionary plastic electronics technology, it features a stunning new form factor that is about the size, thickness and weight of a pad of paper.
Steve Jewett (Appingo)
SamePage is web based, schedule-driven, and addresses the common publishing production management issues. SamePage tracks status, tasks, reporting, budgeting, talent sourcing, content management, and forecasting with a sane user experience. SamePage is built on a foundation of scalable, open source technologies, including the Apache web server, PostgreSQL RDBMS, and Python programming language.
Tiffany Coker (Thomson Reuters)
ScholarOne, a Thomson Reuters Business, provides web-based submission and peer review workflow solutions for scholarly publishers that accelerate the time to market of journals, meeting abstracts, and conference proceedings, and delivers significant productivity gains to their customers.
Marc Prud'hommeaux (Lexcycle)
This demo will show how readers can use their iPhone and iPod touch to browse a catalog of thousands of books, download them directly to their mobile device, and start reading in a matter of seconds.
  • Impelsys Inc.
  • Ingram Industries
  • oXygen XML Editor
  • Adobe Systems, Inc.
  • codeMantra
  • Connotate
  • DPCI
  • Innodata Isogen, Inc.
  • LibreDigital
  • Lulu
  • Malloy
  • Mark Logic
  • Media Services Group
  • Quark, Inc.
  • ReadHowYouWant
  • RSuite
  • Safari Books Online
  • Smashwords, Inc.
  • Sterling Commerce
  • Verso Digital

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