Long Tail Publishing: A Tale of Two Industries

Winter Garden

Andrew Bolwell from Hewlett-Packard’s Corporate Ventures group will outline a vision for the new publishing frontier and discuss how the publishing and technology industries can come together to deliver upon that vision, creating new business models and consumer experiences.

Bolwell will discuss how HP is teaming with publishers on solutions that enable the repurposing of valuable archived content, provide easy-to-use web-based authoring tools for both established and Indy writers, offer new create/convert once to many distribution channels, and finally leverage the impact of personalization and social networking to create a new wave of compelling and collaborative reader experiences.

HP is leveraging its heritage and deep understanding of printing, digital content, and web services to provide publishers with next generation publishing services that will enable them to capitalize on the “long tail” phenomenon; offering an expanded catalog of titles for sale, new distribution channels, and delivering new personalized reader experiences.

Bolwell will share a variety of real-life examples and case studies of how these new services and technologies are being used in the formatting and printing of new and out-of-print books, the creation and printing of self-published magazine, and new publishing web-based consumer experiences.

Photo of Andrew Bolwell

Andrew Bolwell


Andrew Bolwell is a Business Development Director for HP’s Corporate Ventures unit, with the charter to proactively identify and pursue new market opportunities that have the potential to be significant, game changing, and disruptive new businesses for HP. In this role, Andrew has been instrumental in helping incubate new businesses for HP across a diverse range of markets and industries including mobility, telecom, media and entertainment, publishing and Web2.0.


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