TOC Faire

Broadway Ballroom

After kicking off the evening with rapid-fire Lightning Demos, TOC Faire is an informal showcase of publishing technologies and tools. Reminiscent of those Science Fairs we all remember, you’ll have a chance to browse from table to table, putting your hands on innovative new software, tools, devices, and products brought by other attendees.

TOC Faire Participants:

  • Worldwide Lexicon: Open Source Collaborative Translation
    Brian McConnell – Leader, Worldwide Lexicon Project

The Worldwide Lexicon ( enables you to translate your site or RSS feed into many languages. Like Wikipedia, WWL is human powered. With it you can recruit your own readers to contribute and edit translations, or hire freelance translators to translate content as you publish it. WWL is based on open source and open standards, and can be integrated with a wide range of publishing and content management systems. We will be demoing several translation tools including our Word Press extension, WYSIWYG localization tools, and our translation community platform, which enables bilingual users to create affinity groups around any publication, topic or language.

  • Paper-based Interactive Computing with Livescribe’s Smartpen Technology
    Karen Lee – Marketing Manager, Livescribe, Inc.
  • eBrary
    Tish Wagner – PR Manager, ebrary
  • Improving Digital Workflow In Book Publishing With A Wiki
    Stewart Mader – Wiki Evangelist, Atlassian Software Systems

We’ll show how a wiki was used to write and edit Wikipatterns: A practical guide to improving productivity and collaboration in your organization. It reduced reliance on email and documents, increased author-editor collaboration, and streamlined the progress of each chapter through writing, copyediting, and production.

  • Daily Lit
    Susan Danziger
  • Going Green – Content Recycling with RSuite
    Lisa Bos – Chief Architect, Executive Vice President, and Co-Owner

RSuite CMS offers a full suite of editorial and production capabilities that allows you to recycle your content into new derivative products and develop new revenue streams. With powerful search and content packaging technology, you can easily spin old yarns into gold.

  • We Are Smarter Than Me: How to Unleash the Power of Crowds in Your Business
    Aaron Stout – VP New Media, Mzinga
  • Strayform: An Open, Interactive, Pro-consumer Publishing Model for the 21st Century
    Brandt Cannici – Founder and CEO, Strayform

This century the publishing world has become enamored with the copyright and see a single path to success, restrict consumer access and sell copies. But the digital revolution is rendering this “Restrict and Sell” model obsolete. Strayform offers a new “Fund and Release” model, one that harkens back to the patronage system used for centuries. A single line of code turns any website into a funding platform, where consumers pay for you to build your next masterpiece. Fans go from passive recipients to active collaborators. Creative Commons licenses allow you to keep commercial rights to your works, while using your fan base as a zero-cost advertising and distribution network. Meanwhile, fans are awestruck at their new ability to get involved, use, and share.

  • The 5-minute Publication Site
    David Durand – CEO, Tizra, Inc.

Find out how to break the decision logjam caused by inflexible publishing solutions. After the Tizra lightning demo, visit us at the Faire, and take the Tizra challenge. Bring a PDF of a book on a thumb drive or CD, and see how easy it is to get started with Tizra, as we run through the publishing process with your book. With a little more time, we can also give you a taste of the power we offer publishers to follow through on the promise of a quick start and to start basing internet sales on experience rather than theory.

  • Cell Phone Books on TextOnPhone
    Duke Dragovic – Guru, Portable Reading

Why are cell phone novels taking off in Japan, while readership of print works is declining? Portable Reading’s answer is TextOnPhone, which has grown to 50,000 users since launching in August 2007. We’ll be providing a demo of our service for the iPhone and iPod Touch and explaining why our network of authors is providing free books and stories. We’ll also show our Facebook app which is launching today.


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