Tizra Lightning Demo: Online eBook Publishing

The Tizra hosted platform turns what used to be 6-figure custom site development into a replicable service that involves no custom programming, while supporting fully-branded site designs, content breakdown and reassembly into new products, even at the page level, sales and online delivery for institutional access as well as individual reader access.

Dynamic content collections and rebundling keep Tizra sites up to date as new content is added, and web-based controls make site updates and new product creation easy for non-technical publishing staff.

Despite using readily available PDF data to create a site, it provides page-level search results, page-level data indexing by search sites to drive traffic, and flexible repackaging to create new products for online reading or downloading.

Tizra was recently adopted by Duke University Press, and is continuing to move into the market.

We call this demo the 5-minute site — building a complete publication site with one document in 5 minutes.

Photo of David Durand

David Durand


He is CEO at Tizra Inc. Tizra Publisher is the only SaaS application designed for publishers to build and control their own online e-bookstores. Tizra Publisher-hosted websites can be re-organized and re-priced by publishers themselves, without programming staff or development delays.

David Durand has been thinking about and working on the future of information since the 1980’s. He was an early advocate of markup and linking technology (before the web made it commonplace). He was one of the OHCO gang at Brown in the Computing in the Humanities User Group, describing he foundations of content markup.

He received a Doctorate in Computer Science in 2000 for work in collaborative document editing without locking. While he was at BU (and afterwards) he worked for Dynamic Diagrams on web publishing systems for the Science/Technical/Medical market. As CTO at Dynamic Diagrams he led the development of one of the first web site mapping applications (MAPA), and delivered world-class web sites for McGraw-Hill, Nature, the American Medical Association, and many other clients.

He has worked on industry standards over the years, as one of the founding and continuing participants in the W3C’s effort that led to the creation of XML and later XLink, For the IETF he worked on WebDAV and URNs. With Steven J. DeRose, he wrote Making Hypermedia Work: a User’s Guide to HyTime, published by Kluwer.


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