Affiliate Marketing: A New Opportunity for eBook Publishers

Broadway North

In a recent informal survey we discovered that the average publisher does not understand the term “affiliate marketing,” yet it presents perhaps the publishing industry’s most important distribution channel for digital books.

An understanding of what affiliate marketing is, and how it can be implemented, opens up a new world for publishers. For instance, how will a publisher of travel guides sell its ebooks? Through the major online retailers? “Books on a stick”—or on CDs—in retail stores? Sure, but how about giving away a try-before-you-buy book to thousands of travel-site owners, and pay a commission when their visitors download and buy the book?

This session will explain the basics of affiliate marketing. What it is, and just how well it’s worked…it could be argued that Affiliate Marketing built Amazon, for instance.

Attendees will also learn the two basic methods: track visitors to your site and through your shopping cart, or give away partially locked books and run transactions from within the book.

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Peter Kent

  • Sr. VP for US Operations, DNAML
  • Author of 50+ technology books, including Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Internet and Search Engine Optimization for Dummies
  • Founder, Top Floor Publishing
  • Founder, e-business service provider BizBlast

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