O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference 2008 Call for Participation

Call closed 11:59pm 10/15/2007 EDT.

Are you a(n):

  • Book publisher trying new digital distribution methods and models?
  • Publisher successfully repurposing content across multiple media, including books, the Web, and videos?
  • Author blogging and promoting your book (with or without help from your publisher)?
  • Author who’s going it alone without a publisher?
  • Technologist at a publishing company driving new digital initiatives?
  • Technology company with something new to offer in publishing technology?
  • Developer or vendor working on collaborative/distributed authoring/editing tools?
  • Magazine publisher succeeding in a digital world?
  • Project manager leading a major digitization/conversion initiative?
  • Company serving publishers looking for a platform to launch/announce a new product?
  • Entrepreneurial publisher or publishing technology company?
  • Publishing services or technology vendor looking to connect with decision makers?
  • Publishing business that has figured out how to become (or remain) profitable in a digital world?
  • Business strategist navigating an industry upended by the Internet?
  • Library finding new ways to connect readers to the content and knowledge they care about?
  • Person, organization, or business that cares about books and can articulate your vision for their future?

If so, you are invited to submit a proposal now to speak at the TOC Conference.

Some of the topics we plan to include in the 2008 conference program are:

  • New business models for publishers and other players in the publishing value chain
  • Case studies of successful (or unsuccessful!) new publishing initiatives
  • Case studies from implementing lessons learned at TOC 2007
  • Why and how to digitize your content/backlist, and what to do with it once you’ve got it (or permitted someone else to keep it for you)
  • Strategies and tactics for incorporating Print-on-Demand into a supply chain
  • Tools and challenges for an efficient all-digital workflow
  • Best practices for working with Amazon, Google, Ingram and other big players
  • Creative web-based marketing strategies, including SEO (search-engine optimization, a.k.a., “turning up at the top of a Google results page”) for publishers
  • Best new practices and tools for working with and supporting authors during editorial, production and/or marketing phases
  • How teens and youth are consuming, and changing, publishers’ content
  • How to capture and analyze web metrics of interest to publishers
  • Systems and devices for displaying digital copy (demos welcome)
  • Business models for delivering and/or receiving material via new devices
  • Emerging supply chain and distribution models
  • Standards for metadata and for access
  • Innovative DRM models
  • New copyright clearing, assertion, and determination mechanisms
  • How do you do any of these neat things when you don’t have or can’t afford technical staff in-house?

Proposals will be considered for the following types of presentations:

  • 45 minute conference session or panel discussion
  • 3 hour tutorial (these extended classes give participants practical, in-depth guidance in using new technologies that are critical for publishing)
  • 5-10 minute Lightning Demo (this series of rapid-fire presentations provide invaluable insight into new technologies that serve publishers)

A limited number of speaking opportunities are also available through conference sponsorship. Contact Sharon Cordesse at (707) 827-7065 or <a href = “mailto:scordesse@oreilly.com”>scordesse@oreilly.com for more information.

Important Dates

The submission deadline for all proposals is October 15.

Registration opens in October 2007.

Submit a proposal


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