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Since 2007, the O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference has been the seminal event for professionals and companies engaged with the challenges and opportunities of new publishing technologies and business models. This premier conference brings together smart, highly motivated people from a wide range of companies and organizations to discuss innovative business models, share hard-won knowledge, and explore the strategic objectives of an ever-changing industry.

  • Plenary and keynote presentations frame the future of publishing
  • Focused, expert-led breakout sessions focus on analysis as well as hands-on, practical advice
  • Half-day tutorials and 90 minute workshops dive deep into new and essential skills and tools
  • An Exhibit Hall connects attendees with relevant projects, people, products, and services
  • Networking events and hallway conversations make it easy for participants to connect directly with each other to swap stories, exchange ideas, and build relationships

International Events

The changes in publishing are indeed global—as is the opportunity to shape an exciting and prosperous future for the industry. TOC is international, with conferences scheduled in Vancouver and Frankfurt and events in other regions now being planned.

Who Should Attend

TOC brings together publishing professionals of all kinds, including:

  • Publishers
  • Editors
  • CxOs (CEO, CIO, CFO, CMO, etc.)
  • Marketing and Sales Professionals
  • Production managers
  • Digital content managers
  • Authors and agents
  • Business managers in publishing
  • Librarians
  • Content-centric programmers and developers
  • Publishing industry innovators
  • Information suppliers
  • Publishing consultants from companies of any size
  • IT and Technical Managers
  • Consultants
  • Booksellers
  • Freelance editors and designers
  • Researchers, analysts, and business strategists
  • Publishing industry start-ups
  • VCs and entrepreneurs
  • Vendors and suppliers in the publishing ecosystem

Why TOC?

  • TOC is a knowledge aggregator, bringing together stakeholders from the global book publishing and technology ecosystems, offering a broader perspective than niche events and exposure to the best of the best.
  • In this climate publishers need more than interim solutions to succeed. Not only does TOC cover what's working now, but we also look ahead to what will work as publishing transitions to the next phase. The people who attend TOC are the people who are shaping publishing's future.
  • TOC reaches outside traditional industry boundaries to find people and companies from around the world who are doing stuff that matters. Program chairs Kat Meyer and Joe Wikert curate the content to bring together cutting-edge speakers, topics that push the boundaries of how we define "publishing," and unique insight into what's next for the publishing industry.
  • TOC is an inclusive meeting ground for exploring the options, a gathering place for the publishing community, and an unparalleled opportunity for in-person networking. Participants come away from TOC with the knowledge and inspiration to lead change within their own organizations.
  • TOC is produced by O'Reilly Media Inc. For more than 30 years O'Reilly has been an active participant in the technology and publishing community, and has a long history of advocacy, meme-making, and evangelism. We understand the impact technology has on businesses and we are applying that knowledge to publishing.

Kudos for TOC

"...the learning camp for all publishers developing a digital strategy." Joe Esposito, The Scholarly Kitchen

"TOC is as innovative in conference production as O'Reilly is in publishing." — Bill Rosenblatt, GiantSteps Media Technology Strategies

"The conference itself was a swirl of ideas—they're multiplying like amoebas in a well-stocked petrie dish—but the short message is: The book is not dead…But we are in the midst of a sea change in transmission tools, the likes of which we have not seen since the Gutenberg print revolution." — Margaret Atwood, Author

"The whole TOC conference was remarkable." Tim Carmody, Wired

"…it blows the other digital conferences out of the water." — Jeanne Weinkle, National Sales Manager, Bookmobile

"What a great group of people, and amazing spirit at TOC. Learned a lot, made new friends, and came away fired up about the future of publishing." — Steven Rosenbaum, CEO, Magnify.net

"It was SUCH an honor to be there! I am still soaking up the post-conference write-ups. I think this is a record for most interest THIS long after the conference. I have been to so many events that were wonderful but two days later, almost as if it did not happen. Not true here; I believe there will be some lasting changes for many attendees both live and virtual." —Kathy Sierra, Creating Passionate Users

"At its best, Tools of Change reaffirms the promise of publishing, even as it challenges us to rethink the roles that publishers play. This year, you did a great job of blending the established and the new"—Brian O'Leary, Founder and Principle, Magellan Media

"This conference really is the bleeding edge of the industry. We're smarter just for having been in the building."Stephen Solomon, Eleven Learning

"Tools of Change in Publishing, a conference that's a sort of brainiac party at the intersection of publishing and digital innovation. Last year I called TOC a very full-brain conference because "both left and right brain perspectives are represented and explored." Sarah Wendell, Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

"If you work in publishing or in a publishing-related industry, I would highly recommend attending a conference like Tools of Change as it gives you an opportunity to get a well-rounded view of the industry both on a global level as well as an industry level."Katie Dunneback, Librarian and Romance Writer

"TOC continues to focus on the rapid changes occurring in the publishing industry, attracts leading speakers, and provides a forum for vendors to exhibit their latest products. It has become one of the industry's leading events."Donald T. Hawkins, Unlimited Priorities

"[TOC is] a conference that prides itself on offering a view of the publishing industry through a wide-angle lens with an occasional microscope thrown in."Florrie Binford Kichler, ibpablog.wordpress.com

"Often at TOC the most memorable presentations seek to redefine what a "book" could be, and this year was no exception." Ron Hogan, shelf-awareness.com

"Indeed, despite a crowded calendar of digital conferences, this year's TOC sold out completely attracting 1,400 attendees, and the event's popularity, utility, and cachet only seemed to grow." Calvin Reid, Publisher's Weekly

"It's easy to leave a show like TOC overwhelmed with ideas and information. Overlapping sessions of interest. Thousands of tweets streaming by your eyeballs. So much information packed so densely over such a short period of time can leave one feeling a little dizzy. There is no shortage of things to learn and master." Mike Rankin, indesignsecrets.com

"The O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference, a conference that shapes the future of publishing by gathering leading minds to interact and learn from each other." John Depree, believerspress.com

"TOC is a well-developed conference, with a feature-heavy, interactive web site that's big on community and social-media, as well as short sessions with plenty of breaks for networking, on-site lunches, and an exhibitor space for new-tech vendors." Bethanne Patrick, Publishing Perspectives

"This year's O'Reilly TOC Conference (Tools of Change for Publishing) promises another smorgasbord of writing and publishing visionaries."The Australian Writer's Marketplace

"[TOC] has world-class speakers sharing their thoughts on business trends in publishing, marketing, accessibility, workflow, design, and standards. It's also a heck of a lot of fun. The phrase "drinking from a firehose" definitely applies at Tools of Change, as it can be a bit overwhelming with all the interesting workshops, sessions, keynotes, exhibits, roundtable discussions, and even an Ignite event." Mike Rankin, indesignsecrets.com

"O'Reilly's Radar is legendary." — Wired

"Sold out once again, the TOC's blend of highly technical workshops, business case studies and more conversational panels focused on the new digital publishing paradigm—conducted by a range of digital professionals (and digital superstars)—just seems to work."Calvin Reid, Publisher's Weekly

Program Committee

Program Chairs

Kat MeyerKat Meyer
Kat Meyer is a long time veteran of the book publishing industry whose background includes both editorial and marketing experience working a diverse array of regional and national trade and academic publishers, including: Harcourt Brace, Communication Skill Builders, the University of Arizona Press, Rio Nuevo Publishers, and the RGU Group. Prior to joining O'Reilly as co-chair for the Tools of Change conference, Kat was Chief Content Wrangler of Next Chapter Communications, where she reveled in two of her favorite past times: all things bookish and all things social media!


Joe WikertJoe Wikert
Joe Wikert is a publishing executive with 20+ years of industry experience. He is General Manager & Publisher at O'Reilly Media, Inc., where he manages the sales and editorial groups. Joe also serves as co-chair for O'Reilly's Tools of Change (TOC) conference. Prior to joining O'Reilly he was a Vice President and Executive Publisher in the Professional/Trade division of John Wiley & Sons, Inc., and had management responsibility for the WROX and Sybex imprints. Joe regularly shares his publishing industry thoughts and outlook on his Publishing 2020 blog. He is also the proud owner of an Amazon Kindle and blogs about that experience on his Kindleville blog.

TOC Program Advisory Committee 2013:

  • Jane Litte, Dear Author
  • Jonathan Segura, Publishers Weekly
  • Mark Coker, Smashwords
  • Jesse Potash, PubSlush
  • Joe Esposito, Consultant
  • Peter Collingridge, SafariBooks
  • Kristen McLean, Bookigee
  • Peter Brantley, Internet Archive
  • Ian Singer, MediaSource
  • Linda Holliday, Citia
  • Brian Sawyer, OReilly Media
  • Henrik Werdelin, Prehype
  • Mark Kupyer, Evangelical Christian Publishers Association
  • Florrie Binford Kichler, Independent Book Publishers Association


Sponsorship Opportunities

For information on exhibition and sponsorship opportunities at the conference, contact Scott Harvey at scotth@oreilly.com

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