TOC 2012 Speaker Slides & Video

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Moderated by:
Richard Nash (Small Demons/ Cursor)
Rafiq Ahmed (Demibooks), Jesse Potash (PUBSLUSH)
Join moderator Richard Nash and the leaders of two smart new publishing start-ups that are taking ideas from traditional publishing and combining them with new out-of-the-box thinking to create hybrid approaches to content creation and distribution.
Stephen Casbeer (Innodata)
Challenges and risks in digital product development become magnified as the race to digital accelerates. Pressure mounts from the rate of change, complexity of content and technology-dependent product, and the need to ensure relevancy in changing markets. This session investigates the principle challenges in launching new digital products and key methods to consider to ensure success.
Kent Freeman (Vital Source Technologies Inc., an Ingram Content Group Company)
Hear from Kent Freeman, Chief Operating Officer of Vital Source Technologies, an Ingram Content Group company, who will share key lessons and insight from the helm of Ingram’s fastest-growing business - lessons that are helping publishers re-invent content and create richer reading experiences that are in demand today.
Kristen McLean (Bookigee), Kelly Gallagher (RR Bowker)
DISCOVERY is the most-used and least-understood word in the publishing vocabulary right now. In this session we will move toward a more powerful understanding of what true discovery means for key stakeholders - publishers, authors, readers, content partners - and how a more powerful understanding of Discovery can transform our entire approach to the future publishing model.
Bethanne Patrick (Book Riot), Julia von dem Knesebeck (bilandia-media), Guinevere de la Mare (Chronicle Books)
This workshop is for publishers and other content creators concerned with expanding their customer base.
Ana Vela (National Geographic Learning)
National Geographic Learning recognized that publishing technology is becoming more affordable, and they had the flexibility to be more experimental in developing new print-to-digital publishing models to stay at pace with new technology. In this case study, learn about the workflows they developed, change in staff skill set, adjusting pricing models, and their new approach at developing content.
Jonathan LeBlanc (PayPal / Braintree)
The value behind an identity system comes in when that same identity system is used to enhance and enrich the experiences of publishers and users. Delivering a foundation in open commerce based identity, PayPal Access allows publishers to build smart, direct identity channels into their business.
Tim Carmody (Technology Review / National Geographic)
Alan Jacobs and Timothy Carmody will examine how readers' experiences and expectations are changing in response to the new digital reading landscape, and how and why editors and publishers can address those expectations and soothe those anxieties.
Len Vlahos (Book Industry Study Group), Kelly Gallagher (RR Bowker)
Peel away both the hype and the cynicism and find out how consumers are actually using e-readers and consuming digital content. Presenting results from the first fielding in the third volume of Consumer Attitudes Toward E-book Reading, representatives from the Book Industry Study Group and R.R. Bowker will provide a window into the mind of the e-book consumer.
Joe Karaganis (American Assembly)
Presentation: Copy Cultures Presentation [PPTX]
High prices for media goods, low incomes, and cheap digital technologies are the main ingredients of global media piracy. That's the framework for Karaganis' talk about the shifting boundary between licit and illicit access to media goods and the prospects for enforcement in the wake of SOPA.
Edward Colleran (Copyright Clearance Center), Skott Klebe (Copyright Clearance Center)
Copyright was originally designed when type was still made out of lead. What do we need to know in today’s era of ebooks, multimedia, apps, and the cloud?
With color devices in the hands of an ever-larger percentage of potential readers, is it finally time for nonfiction to gain a bigger share of ebook sales? Kobo EVP Michael Tamblyn will examine the causes of fiction's early digital predominance, device trends that have created the conditions for nonfiction success, and successful strategies that publishers are employing to drive nonfiction sales.
Frederik Wiedemann (ReD Associates), Kasper Tostesen (Danish Broadcasting Corporation)
Based on anthropologic insights into youth culture and media patterns, Danish Broadcasting Corporation has developed a new brand for youth oriented content across all platforms. The presentation shows how deep user insights lead to a new way of connecting to the youth audience, combining quality and public service standards with an appeal to key elements of youth culture and identity
Brandt Redd (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium)
Publishing sits on the tense border between digital abundance and the scarcity of the conventional economy. Digital abundance is also changing “The Game of School” which was designed around scarcity of teacher time and material resources. New rules, designed for abundance, will deliver breakthrough improvements in student learning. Opportunities are rich for publishers who understand these rules.
Amanda Gomm (Digital Bindery), Tom McCluskey (Digital Bindery)
As the new standards rolls out, publishers should be on the leading edge of adoption. The best way to learn, is to do. We will take apart an EPUB and reconstruct it using the newest standards, techniques, and features to see what is possible with EPUB3. All technical levels are invited.
Judith Curr (Atria Books, a division of Simon and Schuster, Inc.)
In the fast-changing landscape of publishing, the future is no longer just about linear text – both digital and print books are actively taking advantage of new and improved technologies for enriching reader experience. This session will describe the unique ways in which publisher Atria improved customer experience and also stepped up its marketing game by connecting to customers’ mobile devices.
Elizabeth Castro (self-employed)
Presentation: EPUB in the Wild Presentation [PDF]
There has been a lot of talk about the EPUB3 specification and the features that are coming. But which standard features really work and which nonstandard features ebook vendors are encouraging in their stores is another question altogether. Liz Castro will talk about pushing the edges of EPUB in real life situations in real ereaders, with and beyond standards.
Moderated by:
Barb Pellow (InfoTrends)
Larry Bennett (Bookmasters), Larry Brewster (Ingram Content Group Inc. ), Lynn Terhune (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.)
Presentation: Have It Your Way! Presentation [PPT]
In a publishing market filled with uncertainty, technology is the answer. This session will share how publishers can seamlessly move between print and electronic media and how they can offer customized and unique versions of publications by effectively leveraging technology. You will hear how you can efficiently and cost effectively "have it your way!"
Kristen McLean (Bookigee)
For developers, agile methodologies like SCRUM may be familiar, but what would happen if we took these processes and applied them to traditional publishing’s more vertical workflows? This session will introduce key principals of agile methodology, and examine the potential of using these methodologies to re-engineer the entire publishing workflow for success in today's challenging climate.
Otis Chandler (
An in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis of consumer behavior in discovering books online. Who is searching for books online? What are their personas? How are they discovering books?
Brian Felsen (CD Baby | BookBaby | HostBaby )
This panel will teach you everything you need to get started with video, so you can create a better ebook experience, engage with your fans on the Internet, and expand your reader base. Brian Felsen will go through recommended equipment purchase, basics of lighting, setup, editing, uploading, and metadata. Attendees will shoot a short video and walk through the process together.
Sanders Kleinfeld (O'Reilly Media, Inc.)
Presentation: HTML5 for Publishers Presentation [PPT]
HTML5 is revolutionizing the Web, and now it’s coming to your ebook reader! In this workshop, I give an overview of three areas of HTML5 that offer great promise to ebook publishers looking to expand beyond traditional text-and-graphic narratives.
Anne-Marie Concepcion (Seneca Design & Training, Inc.)
How do you get from a print-ready InDesign layout to a beautiful and fast-loading EPUB without tearing your hair out? Join InDesign and eBook guru Anne-Marie “HerGeekness” Concepcion — whose hair is still fully intact — for her half-day intensive session and find out!
Jan Wright (Wright Information)
Search isn't always enough for non-fiction readers. And indexes that resemble pages in a book don't take the best advantage of eBook interfaces. They slow searchers down, and "slow" is annoying. eReaders should combine both Search + Index to help readers find what they need quickly, by providing content-based navigation that can do full-text as well as display analysis of a topic.
Clay Johnson (
Search Engine Optimization is a great tool for marketing a content-driven website, but basing editorial and titling decisions solely on what you believe readers are searching for has serious social consequences. Certainly there must be a better way. And there is: Clay Johnson makes the case for the "Whole Foods" model of content.
Baratunde Thurston (The Onion)
Description coming soon!
Eric Ries (Lessons Learned)
Description coming soon!
LeVar Burton (RRKidz)
Description coming soon!
Sanders Kleinfeld (O'Reilly Media, Inc.), Adam Witwer (O'Reilly Media, Inc.)
Here's your one-stop crash course on the latest ebook formats released for Amazon's Kindle Fire (KF8) and Apple's iPad (iBooks Author). Join Adam Witwer (Director of Content and Publishing Operations, O'Reilly Media) and Sanders Kleinfeld (Publishing Technologies Specialist, O'Reilly Media) for an informal dialogue that will tackle all your questions.
Marcus Woodburn (Ingram Content Group), Martin Klopstock (Kogan Page Ltd), Rodney Elder (Virtusales Publishing Solutions)
The acceleration of innovation in the book industry is dizzying. Digital continues to trigger profound changes in how people read and how publishers develop content and sell books. To succeed today, it is imperative to have a digital plan to reach more and sell more. In this session, Kogan Page, Virtusales and Ingram present a collaborative best practice digital distribution case study.
Moderated by:
Kassia Krozser (
Greg Merkle (Dow Jones Enterprise Media Group), Stephen Stesney (CQ Press/ First Street)
In this session, moderator Kassia Krozser will be highlighting two companies - Dow Jones Enterprise Media Group and CQ Press - each of whom have come up with innovative ways of using their content to grow into new markets, and offer new services/products to existing ones.
Joe Wikert (O'Reilly Media, Inc.), Seth Kaufman (Copia Interactive)
This will be a dialog between Seth Kaufman, Copia Merchandising VP, and Joe Wikert, co-chair of TOC. We will talk about ereader wish list features and how Copia has implemented some of them. A number of these will have been announced/released at or just prior to TOC NY.
Beat Barblan (Bowker)
Small/self-publishers are always looking for new ways to reach their potential customers. In this session’s you will get an overview of some of the latest and most inexpensive marketing and sales tools that are available to them to maximize the chances of reaching potential customers.
Theodore Gray (Wolfram Research, Touch Press)
Wolfram|Alpha's Luc Barthelet and Theo Gray will demonstrate how interactivity can be elevated beyond gimmickry, to deepen and enrich the reader's understanding of important subjects, reach out to new readers, and clearly explain concepts that resist communication through static text alone.
Laura Dawson (Bowker)
The idea of “metadata” has been a topic of many conference sessions, articles, Twitter conversations, blog posts…and publishers seem to have gotten the message that good metadata leads to increased sales. But is hiring a “metadata czar” really the right approach? Is it an effective use of resources to put one person “in charge” of metadata?
Moderated by:
Richard Nash (Small Demons/ Cursor)
Tomáš Bella (Piano Media), Justo Hidalgo (24Symbols), Roman Karachinsky (News360)
In this panel discussion, moderated by Richard Nash, we'll hear from three very different companies working with variants of subscription models and/or aggregation.
Dianne Kennedy (IDEAlliance), Peter Meirs (Time Inc.), John Dougherty (Hearst Corporation)
2011 was the year of the tablet. For magazines this signaled an exciting new era of innovative publications. In this publisher panel, you will learn about the challenges of magazine tablet publishing and the new, nextPub Specification that builds on PRISM, EPUB 3, and HTML5 to streamline content distribution to the rapidly evolving device environment.
Moderated by:
Edward Nawotka (Publishing Perspectives)
Fabienne Riener (Sourcefabric o.p.s), Susan Moody (Worldreader)
The global market place -- sounds like a world of opportunity, but for both producers and consumers in new markets, there are real economic challenges. In this session you'll hear from two companies, SourceFabric and WorldReader - who are working to bridge the gap and make content creation tools and access to content efficient and affordable for all the players in our global content ecosystem.
This workshop will walk web site owners/managers through several technical and strategic methods for optimizing their sites for discovery through the major discovery channels: search engines, blogs, social networks, & email. We will cover simple SEO techniques using a content management system (CMS), simple content marketing techniques, content portability, and effective email marketing.
Barbara A Genco (Library Journal/School Library Journal)
Did you know that 50% of all library users go on to purchase books (in print and digital formats) by the authors they first discovered in the library? Learn more about the Library Power Patrons and their reading and buying behaviors.
Moderated by:
Brett Sandusky (Holocene)
Dominique Raccah (Sourcebooks), Joe Wikert (O'Reilly Media, Inc.)
In this session moderated by Brett Sandusky and featuring O'Reilly's Joe Wikert and Sourcebooks' Dominique Raccah, you'll get a behind-the-scenes look at how two leading publishers are implementing the agile methodology in their organizations. It's easier than you think and it doesn't require a structural overhaul.
Michael Rankin (
Starting from InDesign, Quark, or PDF files, this seminar will cover the issues and process of converting legacy print assets into finished digital products ready to publish on Kindle, Nook, or iBooks.
Moderated by:
Joe Wikert (O'Reilly Media, Inc.)
Robbie Allen (InfiniaML), Kristian Hammond (Northwestern Computer Science) Moderated by: Joe Wikert
With recent advances in linguistic algorithms and the availability of large structured data sets, it is now possible for software to create long form narratives that rival humans in quality and depth. This session features two speakers who will offer somewhat different perspectives on the opportunity.
Andrew Savikas (Safari Books Online)
Selling books by subscription isn't about transactions, it's about relationships. In this keynote, Safari Books Online CEO Andrew Savikas takes a deep dive into usage data from Safari and talks about why access models are a key part of tomorrow's paid content ecosystem.
Hear a 5-minute pitch from each of the three Startup Showcase winners.
Gary Rodrigues (Impelsys)
The book market is undergoing a phase of transition. New formats are being introduced, there are new devices emerging from manufacturers and publishers are creating new business models. This talk will explore the challenges facing publishers serving the library and education sector to increase and improve adoption of ebooks.
Dana Newman (Dana Newman)
Join Dana Newman as she discusses the changing world of digital rights and publishing agreements. Authors, agents, and publishers alike will appreciate this workshops which promises to offer a clearer understanding of the issues, with a variety of topics to be addressed.
Steve Rubel (Edelman Digital)
It’s easy to forget but back in 2008 a lot of people were declaring that the media as we know it was dead - or dying. Yet, a funny thing happened on the way to the funeral. The media, faced with the threat of extinction, used sheer will and innovation to turn things around. Today the fourth estate is arguably stronger than ever. This even as the global economy sputters.
Matt MacInnis (Inkling)
So far, the transition to digital books has failed to move beyond content where text alone is largely sufficient, such as fiction and daily news. In his keynote, Inkling CEO Matt MacInnis will share his view of why this has occurred, and unveil an exciting new path forward for publishers to design and produce high fidelity interactive content at scale.
Nat Sims (Night & Day Studios, Inc.), Björn Jeffery (Toca Boca)
Newly powerful mobile content developers are disrupting the educational publishing industry. Nat Sims, the CEO of Night & Day Studios, and other developers in this area, share their experience developing, marketing, and selling educational content in a global marketplace.
Vladimir Levantovsky (Monotype Imaging), Steve Matteson (Monotype Imaging Inc.), Geoff Greve (Monotype Imaging Inc.), Alin Jardim (Monotype Imaging)
Web fonts and e-publishing tools bring a vast array of typographic choices. But how do you effectively harness type and typographic controls that were once the domain of book designers and publishers? Meet experts who will help you make the right choices. Join Vladimir Levantovsky, Steve Matteson and Geoff Greve of Monotype Imaging as they go “under the hood” with type for the screen.
Moderated by:
Adam Salomone (The Harvard Common Press)
Ronny Golan (BookPulse), Jesse McDougall (Me)
The cookbook is under substantial transformative pressure. In almost no other sector of book publishing are the opportunities for monetization, community building, and enhancement so prevalent. This session is meant to explore some of the new opportunities in the cookbook publishing arena, with some diverse perspectives on the subject from publishers, authors, agents, and even bloggers.
Linda Holliday (Semi-Linear, New York Angels)
How will paid media - including and especially the book - play in the digital slipstream with enough reach, relevance and revenue to entertain and inform future generations?
Daniel Mayer (TEMIS)
Presentation: external link
Semantics have emerged as a strategic growth platform for Publishers, enabling product innovation, advanced information access, analytics and discovery on online portals, and massive productivity gains. This session investigates key semantic applications for Publishers and underscores underlying trends shaping how we will package and consume information in the future.
Bob Young (
While we have all grown up thinking we know what a book is -- we don't. Here are a few rules to help you adapt your book, or your publishing service, or your business to better serve your readers or customers in the Age of the Internet.
Kirk Biglione (Oxford Media Works), Hugh McGuire (PressBooks / LibriVox / Iambik )
As digital becomes more central to a book publishers life, the tools must change to keep pace. In this session we look at WordPress as a lightweight digital swiss army knife, a powerful and flexible platform that can be adapted to many publishing needs. We'll look at using WordPress-based systems for ecommerce, marketing, catalogs and discovery and more.
Anne Kostick (Foxpath IND), Louis Rosenfeld (Rosenfeld Media, LLC), Victor Lombardi (Nickel), Whitney Quesenbery (WQUsability)
UX is still news to most book publishers: a panel of UX pros will tackle both the well known and the hidden obstacles to true reader engagement in digital books. This is not a design seminar; it’s a mental model elevator, in what has long been a blind spot in book publishing. The session will include some unusual activities that engage everyone in solving UX problems in the digital-reading space.
Roger Magoulas (O'Reilly Media)
Roger Magoulas, head of O'Reilly's research group, uses every data source available to help the publishing teams make better decisions. In this keynote Roger will discuss how O'Reilly uses taxonomies, treemaps and narrative to help understand trends, problems and opportunities.
Jonathan Reichental (City of Palo Alto)
In this short presentation, Dr. Jonathan Reichental will summarize some best practices in managing the execution of your cloud strategy.
  • Publishers Weekly
  • Ingram Content Group
  • codeMantra
  • Impelsys Inc.
  • SPi Global
  • Baker & Taylor
  • Blackboard
  • Bowker
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Innodata
  • Jouve North America
  • MarkLogic
  • Newgen KnowledgeWorks
  • Océ North America
  • Temis
  • Aptara
  • Atex
  • LibreDigital
  • Media Services Group
  • MarkLogic
  • Smashwords, Inc.

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