"This conference really is the bleeding edge of the industry. We’re smarter just for having been in the building." Stephen Solomon, Eleven Learning

"A conference that’s a sort of brainiac party at the intersection of publishing and digital innovation." Sarah Wendell, Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

"Sold out once again, the TOC's blend of highly technical workshops, business case studies and more conversational panels focused on the new digital publishing paradigm—conducted by a range of digital professionals (and digital superstars)—just seems to work." Calvin Reid, Publisher's Weekly

"Arguably the world's most important event for publishing innovation." BOOK SA – News

"...it was well worth it. I love Tools of Change in Publishing because it is, most of the time, a very appealing balance between theoretical, creative thinking and direct, practical application. It’s a full-brain conference." Sarah Wendell, Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

"All in all, I loved TOC 2010. I signed up for next year before I left the conference center." Debbie Stier, HarperStudio

"A good conference challenges you to stretch your thinking, and on this count the O'Reilly conferences I've attended (TOC, Web 2.0 Summit, Web 2.0 Expo) have never disappointed." Mark Coker, Smashwords

"The conference's mission is to help those who create content — whether books, newspapers, or magazine publishers — embrace the new technologies of this fast-changing industry. It's no surprise — the conference sold out." Rhonda Abrams, USA Today

"...the show's combination of accessible brainy competence and visionary, science fiction-like projections just seems to pack them in." Calvin Reid, Publishers Weekly

"With more attendees than last year, TOC honed in on the pulse of web publishing, beating steadily and heartily, as ever." Marisa Peacock, CMS Wire

"What a great conference. TOC was the perfect mix of big picture and focused tech. Thanks for an inspiring three days." —DC Denison, The Boston Globe

"The O'Reilly #TOC conference is great. If you want to discuss business-as-usual, go to another conference. This one is about the future!" Michael Hyatt on Twitter, President & CEO of Thomas Nelson

"I continue to believe that there's no better place than TOC for publishers to make sense of the changing face of the industry." Kirk Biglione, kirkbiglione.com

"Significantly, within the book world, O'Reilly is known as a technological leader." David Rothman, TeleRead

"With all the bad news permeating the publishing world, it will be a welcome change to be immersed in the technology and the vision of people focused on future of publishing." Mike Rankin, Publicious.net

"I love everything O'Reilly does (I was just reminiscing about one of their early books) and will be attending most of Tools of Change…It's a big agenda, the timing is right, and I will certainly be filing a report or two from this conference." Levi Asher, Literary Kicks

"TOC has quickly become the leading conference on publishing technology; it has filled the hole left by the demise of the lamented Seybold conferences." Bill Rosenblatt, Copyright and Technology

"While the economy is bad and companies everywhere are looking to cut expenses, TOC is one of those events that's just too important for publishers to miss." Kirk Biglione, MediaLoper

"The quality of the presentations was excellent—I can't remember the last time I went to an event where the standard was so consistently high." —George Walkley, Life as a beta geek

"What impressed me the most about this conference was the clear sense of purpose...and the strong point of view..." David Stack, Digital Media

Tips for First Timers at TOC

If you are new to TOC this year, we'd like to welcome you and offer you a few tips to help you get the most out of your time at the conference. If any TOC veterans have some additional suggestions, please leave a comment below.

  • Adorn your conference badge with a "First Timer" ribbon. We want to make sure you feel part of the community so we're asking all newcomers to pick up a "First Timer" ribbon in registration. That way the rest of the community can identify you and help us welcome you.
  • Join and use the Attendee Directory. The attendee directory, which will be available mid-January, was created to help connect attendees with one another. Make sure you create your profile (including your bio) and put a picture up so others can recognize you in person. Then you can search through the list of attendees and create a list of people you would like to meet.
  • Participate in the hallway track. One of the best parts of TOC is the groups of people in the hallways having conversations with one another—think of them as informal networking sessions. You will get a lot more out of the conference if you start conversations with people outside of the session rooms. Don't be shy! Take advantage of the opportunity to find out what others are doing, what challenges they face, and what successes they've had in their organizations. Introduce yourself whenever possible and make it a point to chat with others.
  • Bring plenty of business cards. You'll be meeting a lot of people and handing out your business cards is an easy way for others to get your contact information.
  • Attend all the networking events. They give you the opportunity to mingle in a more informal setting. See the list of TOC events »
  • Chat with others at your lunch table. Ask them which sessions they plan to go to or which sessions they've liked the best so far. If you missed one of the sessions everyone seemed to like, leave a comment on that session's page on the TOC website and ask the speaker to please post their slides/presentation files.
  • Go to a Roundtable Session or two. These are more intimate, smaller groups of people, and are great way to chat with other people interested in the same topics as you. Roundtable Information »
  • Talk to the speakers after their presentations. Our speakers put a lot of time and energy into their presentations so any kind of feedback you have for them is always appreciated. And as influencers in this industry, they are a valuable source of information too. You can either give feedback in person at the session or online by leaving a comment on the speaker's session detail page. Speakers are notified via email when someone makes an online comment about their sessions and will often respond.
  • Visit the booths in the Exhibit Hall. The TOC exhibitors are an important part of the publishing ecosystem. They’re not only showing off the latest and greatest products and services, they’re also good resources of information and they’re often great at connecting people.

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