"This conference really is the bleeding edge of the industry. We’re smarter just for having been in the building." Stephen Solomon, Eleven Learning

"A conference that’s a sort of brainiac party at the intersection of publishing and digital innovation." Sarah Wendell, Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

"Sold out once again, the TOC's blend of highly technical workshops, business case studies and more conversational panels focused on the new digital publishing paradigm—conducted by a range of digital professionals (and digital superstars)—just seems to work." Calvin Reid, Publisher's Weekly

"Arguably the world's most important event for publishing innovation." BOOK SA – News

"...it was well worth it. I love Tools of Change in Publishing because it is, most of the time, a very appealing balance between theoretical, creative thinking and direct, practical application. It’s a full-brain conference." Sarah Wendell, Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

"All in all, I loved TOC 2010. I signed up for next year before I left the conference center." Debbie Stier, HarperStudio

"A good conference challenges you to stretch your thinking, and on this count the O'Reilly conferences I've attended (TOC, Web 2.0 Summit, Web 2.0 Expo) have never disappointed." Mark Coker, Smashwords

"The conference's mission is to help those who create content — whether books, newspapers, or magazine publishers — embrace the new technologies of this fast-changing industry. It's no surprise — the conference sold out." Rhonda Abrams, USA Today

"...the show's combination of accessible brainy competence and visionary, science fiction-like projections just seems to pack them in." Calvin Reid, Publishers Weekly

"With more attendees than last year, TOC honed in on the pulse of web publishing, beating steadily and heartily, as ever." Marisa Peacock, CMS Wire

"What a great conference. TOC was the perfect mix of big picture and focused tech. Thanks for an inspiring three days." —DC Denison, The Boston Globe

"The O'Reilly #TOC conference is great. If you want to discuss business-as-usual, go to another conference. This one is about the future!" Michael Hyatt on Twitter, President & CEO of Thomas Nelson

"I continue to believe that there's no better place than TOC for publishers to make sense of the changing face of the industry." Kirk Biglione, kirkbiglione.com

"Significantly, within the book world, O'Reilly is known as a technological leader." David Rothman, TeleRead

"With all the bad news permeating the publishing world, it will be a welcome change to be immersed in the technology and the vision of people focused on future of publishing." Mike Rankin, Publicious.net

"I love everything O'Reilly does (I was just reminiscing about one of their early books) and will be attending most of Tools of Change…It's a big agenda, the timing is right, and I will certainly be filing a report or two from this conference." Levi Asher, Literary Kicks

"TOC has quickly become the leading conference on publishing technology; it has filled the hole left by the demise of the lamented Seybold conferences." Bill Rosenblatt, Copyright and Technology

"While the economy is bad and companies everywhere are looking to cut expenses, TOC is one of those events that's just too important for publishers to miss." Kirk Biglione, MediaLoper

"The quality of the presentations was excellent—I can't remember the last time I went to an event where the standard was so consistently high." —George Walkley, Life as a beta geek

"What impressed me the most about this conference was the clear sense of purpose...and the strong point of view..." David Stack, Digital Media

The Business Case for TOC

You know that conferences are one of the most efficient ways to learn about best practices and new tools, expand your circle of smart thinkers, comparison shop the latest products, and get inspiration to streamline and energize your day-to-day operations. But do you—or your boss—need help justifying continuing education? Below are a few ideas and points to make your case to attend TOC.

Add to the Bottom Line by Learning:

  • Which technologies are important and which provide exciting business opportunities
  • What the strategic questions are that you need to consider in adopting new business models
  • What the opportunities (and challenges) are in a global digital marketplace
  • What's on the horizon for digital design and production
  • The importance of capturing and understanding consumer data
  • How to deal with territorial rights in a digital world
  • IP reform; fair use; creative commons; consumer privacy; and copyright
  • Standardization of content identifiers and metadata
  • Whither big box and indie brick and mortars? Will indies establish a foothold in the retail space?
  • The many issues surrounding digital content for libraries
  • How to meet (and anticipate) consumer demands
  • Whether dedicated devices will flourish or perish
  • How to create a mobile strategy and who will be the winners and losers in the mobile space
  • Advances in EPUB
  • The how-tos (as well as pros and cons) of books as apps
  • If there are any parts of the legacy publishing model worth saving
  • What it really takes to create and operate an effective B2C publishing business

Why More Training?

  • In-house professional development means less outsourcing and greater efficiency
  • Better understanding of options and integration cuts operating expenses
  • Learning to plan for growth reduces costly mistakes in the long run
  • Stay competitive by increasing your company's—and your own—skills and knowledge base on new publishing technologies and business models
  • Professional development leads to greater job satisfaction and employee retention
  • Some employers worry about investing in their staff who then leave. Wouldn't it be worse to have undertrained staff stay?

Why Network?

  • Making connections with other professionals provides resources for future projects
  • Discussing how other people have implemented processes cuts down the time to execute similar projects at your company
  • Building your circle gives you strong options for your next key hire
  • TOC's Attendee Directory allows you to set business meetings with other conference participants before and during the event, and keeps you connected after it ends

Show What You'll Learn

  • Be topic savvy: With over 40 different sessions to choose from covering a wide variety of subjects, there will always be a session to fit your educational needs
  • Create your Personal Schedule—mark the sessions that address the problems you need to overcome on the job with the calendar icon and show it to your boss
  • Attending with other members of your team? Use your Personal Schedules to avoid overlap and make sure you're maximizing company time in sessions

Share the Know-how

Let your boss know that you'll also educate the rest of the team:

  • Plan a working lunch presentation after you return
  • Write up a report and action plan based on what you took away from the conference
  • Supplement your own materials with the speakers' slides and keynote videos, which are posted as the conference progresses
  • Gather up information from the Exhibit Hall and bring it back to the office so your colleagues can review it too
  • Make a database with the business cards you bring back and share this experts network with your team

Get the Most from Your Budget

  • Register Early: the earlier you sign up, the more you save on registration costs, travel, and hotel
  • Check out the Discounts: If you qualify, a discount can be used during the Early Registration phase to save even more
  • Bring a Team: Send three or more colleagues from your company and save 15% on each registration. Each person can attend different workshops and sessions to bring back even more valuable skills, tips, and techniques
  • TOC Twitter and Facebook followers are always eligible for discounts

Why TOC?

  • TOC is an aggregator, bringing together stakeholders from the global book publishing and technology ecosystems, offering a broader perspective than niche events and exposure to the best of the best
  • In addition to perspectives from traditional book publishers who will provide experience from the trenches of change, TOC will bring in ideas from the wider ecosystem. Presentations from experts and innovators will close the loop on putting theory into practice and address issues in actionable terms, not just raise them
  • Content choices: TOC offers in-depth workshops, sessions on a broad range of topics, a product-rich Exhibit Hall, and high-level keynotes. Choose the registration package that fits your educational needs
  • Experts on stage and off: It's not just the TOC speakers who are some of the smartest and most driven in the business; TOC is filled with active, informed participants eager to share ideas and debate issues. The people who attend TOC are the people who are shaping publishing's future
  • Program chairs Andrew Savikas and Kat Meyer curate the content to focus on the most relevant and new ideas, tools, analysis, and projects. By integrating the visionary with the proven and practical, participants come away from TOC with the knowledge and inspiration to lead change within their own organizations
  • TOC is about O'Reilly's mission of spreading the knowledge of innovators, and that means reaching outside traditional industry boundaries to find people and companies from around the world who are doing stuff that matters. Our deep ties to the "alpha geeks" shaping the future we'll all share means cutting-edge speakers, topics that push the boundaries of how we define "publishing," and unique insight into what's next for the publishing industry
  • Think three days in New York is a vacation? Think again. TOC is challenging education all day and informative debate into the night. Learn more about the events at TOC 2011
  • TOC is brought to you by O'Reilly Media Inc.. For more than 30 years O'Reilly has been an active participant in the technology and publishing community, and has a long history of advocacy, meme-making, and evangelism
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