Schedule: Roundtable sessions

Roundtable sessions provide face to face exposure to those interested in the same projects and concepts. Roundtables can be organized for individual projects or broader topics (best practices, digital content, standards). Roundtables are entirely up to you. We post your topic online and onsite and provide the space and time. You provide the engaging topic. Below is a list of the pre-scheduled Rountables. If you would like to lead a Roundtable session of your own, check the Roundtable schedule board onsite at the Marriot Marquis and sign up in any open slot.

Location: O'Neill (4th Floor) Level:
Moderated by: Nick Weir-Williams, Senior Business Consultant, Publishing Technology
In the drive to monetize digital content, publishers are experimenting or considering strategies to drive customers to purchase their content, including offering some or all of the content free, either in total for a limited period of time, or in fragments to encourage purchase of full access. This session will consider actual examples from publishers who have tried this and discuss its efficacy. Read more.
Location: Wilder (4th Floor) Level:
Moderated by: Dianne Kennedy
This roundtable discussion is designed to engage magazine publishers and technology providers in a discussion about bring magazines to emerging eReader devices. Current eReader technologies are great for displaying books, but what about magazines? What are current delivery options? What are the limitations? What display capabilities are needed? What techcnology standards? Read more.
Location: Ziegfeld (4th Floor) Level:
Moderated by: Fernando Mesa
Innovative publishers are using MarkLogic Server in the cloud to reduce costs, integrate disparate content workflows, and rapidly prototype new products. How will you compete? Join Mark Logic and Innodata-Isogen for a clear-headed conversation about the cloud. Moderated by Stephen Ryden-Lloyd, Senior Vice President, Innodata-Isogen, and Fernando Mesa, Principal Technologist, Mark Logic Read more.
Location: Odets (4th Floor) Level:
Moderated by: John Warren
Emerging technologies are impacting teaching, learning, and creative expression in K-12, higher education, and professional learning. Join the moderator and panelists from the “The Future of Digital Textbooks” session in a lively roundtable discussion of the devices, business models, and technologies impacting education and textbook publishers. Read more.
Location: O'Neill (4th Floor) Level:
Discussion forum for publishers using the ACUMEN ERP business system to support their operations. A representative of CyberWolf / ACUMEN will be on hand to participate. Topics to be determined based on publisher need but should generally reflect themes from the Tools of Change conference. Read more.
Location: Wilder (4th Floor) Level:
Moderated by: Jamey Graham
Come see visual search in action. In this demo session we will show the Ricoh Visual Search system: point an iPhone at a book, magazine or newspaper and view related digital information on the iPhone. No barcodes required; only plain text and images captured by a mobile device. We will also be discussing our Open Visual Search API so you can build your own system using your own content. Read more.
Location: Ziegfeld (4th Floor) Level:
The mobile phone is the most prevalent consumer electronic device in Africa. Uptake has been, and continues to be, phenomenal. On a continent where the Kindle or iPad is simply not going see such high uptake, publishing to mobile phones holds huge potential for this "mobile-rich" but "book-poor" context. Join the moderator as he shares his experience of publishing m-novels in South Africa. Read more.
  • Ingram Content Group
  • Qualcomm
  • Copia
  • Impelsys Inc.
  • Innodata Isogen, Inc.
  • Adobe
  • Aptara
  • Baker & Taylor
  • Bowker
  • codeMantra
  • Connotate
  • Google
  • HP
  • LibreDigital
  • MagMe
  • Malloy
  • Mark Logic
  • oXygen XML Editor
  • Chuckwalla
  • Foxit Software
  • Jacquette Consulting
  • Jouve North America
  • Lulu
  • Marvell
  • Media Services Group
  • PubServ
  • Safari Books Online
  • Silverchair
  • Virtusales
  • Vitrium Systems
  • Smashwords, Inc.

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