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Experience TOC

The TOC Conference will decipher the tools of change in this industry and help cut through the hype for a more profitable future in publishing. From authoring, editing, and layout to distribution and consumption, new technologies are changing all aspects of publishing. But which technologies are important? Which provide exciting business opportunities? And what are the strategic questions you need to consider in adopting new models? These questions and much more will be explored at TOC through:

  • Plenary and keynote presentations that frame the visions of publishing's future into a meaningful picture
  • Focused, expert-led breakout sessions covering both analysis and practical advice
  • Half-day tutorials that dive deep into necessary skills and tools
  • A relevant Exhibit Hall connecting attendees with the projects, products, and services shaping industry change
  • Networking events and hallway conversations designed to help all participants connect with like minds

Who Should Attend

Anyone who cares about books and publishing, including:

  • Book publishers of all kinds
  • Senior editors
  • Marketing and production managers
  • Digital content managers
  • Publishing consultants from companies of every size
  • Authors and agents
  • Business managers in publishing
  • Librarians
  • Technologists with a passion for books/publishing
  • Information suppliers
  • Small consultancy firms
  • Anyone in the book supply business

TOC 2008 brought together representatives from companies and organizations like: Simon & Schuster, Random House, New York Times, Adobe, American Booksellers Association, Amazon.com, Appingo, Author Solutions, Inc., Barnes & Noble.com, Beeline Labs, BISG, BookSquare, Bowker, Chronicle Books, Cold Fusion Entertainment, Connotate, Copyright Clearance Center, Disney Publishing Worldwide, Doubleday, Inc., Fodor's Travel, Follett Digital Resources, Getty Publications, Good Company Communications, HarperCollins Publishers, Hachette Book Group USA, Harvard Business School Publishing, CQ Press, F+W Publications, Hewlett Packard, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, IEEE, Impelsys, Ingram Digital Group, Library Journal, LibreDigital, Lightning Source, Inc., Lulu, Loyola Press, Mark Logic, McGraw Hill, MediaBistro, Microsoft, Microsoft Press, Oxford University Press, Pearson, Peachpit Press, Penguin Group, Plastic Logic, Princeton University Press, Publishers Weekly, Really Strategies, Inc., Rochester Institute of Technology, Safari Books Online, SAS Institute, Inc., Shared Book, Simon & Schuster, Sony, The Media Services Group, John Wiley& Sons, Yale, and Zondervan

Past TOC sponsors and exhibitors include: iPublishCentral, Ingram, oXygen xml editor, Cold Fusion Entertainment, Copyright Clearance Center, Accenture, Adobe Systems, Antenna House, Appingo, BookBank.com, codeMantra, Connotate, DNAML, DPCI, HCL, Innodata Isogen, itechne, LibreDigital, Lulu, Malloy, Mark Logic, The Media Services Group, Microsoft Live Search Books, Near-Time, Qoop, Quark, Read How You Want, Rsuite CMS, Safari Books Online, Smashwords, Sterling Commerce, Value Chain International, and Verso Digital.

TOC Kudos

  • "With more attendees than last year, TOC honed in on the pulse of web publishing, beating steadily and heartily, as ever."
    Marisa Peacock, CMS Wire
  • "What a great conference. TOC was the perfect mix of big picture and focused tech. Thanks for an inspiring three days."
    DC Denison, The Boston Globe
  • "O'Reilly's Tools of Change conference in New York City this week was highly successful, both inside and outside the walls of the Marriott Marquis. The sessions were energetic, well-attended, and--on the whole--full of excellent insight and ideas about the digital trends taking a firm hold of nearly all sectors of the publishing business. Outside the walls, especially on Twitter, online communities were humming with news and commentary on the the conference. (You almost could have followed the entire conference just by following the #toc hash tag at Twitter and accessing the online copies of the presentations.) But if you had done that, you would have missed the fun of being there. There were some superb keynotes and some excellent general sessions."
    Bill Trippe, The Gilbane Group
  • "O’Reilly Media's Tools of Change conference returned to New York City with its unique combination of headsplitting technical details and visionary futurism...besides trying to identify the next big business thing, the show portrays the new world of networked digital publishing as a qualified form of Nirvana, holding out the promise of an almost magical connection to people, events, products and services from any place in the world at any time."
    Calvin Reid, Publishers Weekly
  • "The O'Reilly #TOC conference is great. If you want to discuss business-as-usual, go to another conference. This one is about the future!"
    Michael Hyatt on Twitter, President & CEO of Thomas Nelson
  • "The great thing about a conference isn't that you may hear one brilliant person that will change your point of view, that's for children of all ages seeking a guru, it's that you can listen to and meet dozens of professionals in your field who all have a little piece of the puzzle to contribute. After you're back home, you can put all those pieces of the puzzle together and pretend that you came up with this great new idea working in a vacuum. Without having yet attended, I can declare that the true tools of change at the Tools of Change conference will be the people, not the technology."
    Morris Rosenthal
  • "I continue to believe that there’s no better place than TOC for publishers to make sense of the changing face of the industry."
    Kirk Biglione, kirkbiglione.com
  • "Significantly, within the book world, O’Reilly is known as a technological leader."
    David Rothman, TeleRead
  • "With all the bad news permeating the publishing world, it will be a welcome change to be immersed in the technology and the vision of people focused on future of publishing."
    Mike Rankin, Publicious.net
  • "I love everything O'Reilly does (I was just reminiscing about one of their early books) and will be attending most of Tools of Change....It's a big agenda, the timing is right, and I will certainly be filing a report or two from this conference."
    Levi Asher, Literary Kicks
  • "TOC has quickly become the leading conference on publishing technology; it has filled the hole left by the demise of the lamented Seybold conferences."
    Bill Rosenblatt, Copyright and Technology
  • "While the economy is bad and companies everywhere are looking to cut expenses, TOC is one of those events that’s just too important for publishers to miss."
    Kirk Biglione, MediaLoper
  • "The quality of the presentations was excellent — I can't remember the last time I went to an event where the standard was so consistently high."
    George Walkley, Life as a beta geek
  • "What impressed me the most about this conference was the clear sense of purpose...and the strong point of view..."
    David Stack, Digital Media
  • "...the weather in New York City last week was atrocious, yet O'Reilly Media's TOC conference was sold out - packed to the rafters with publishing industry insiders. That's an obvious sign that TOC is not your typical publishing industry event...Publishers need to educate themselves about the digital world they’re living in, and develop their own plan of action. TOC has become a crucial first step in that process."
  • "Once again, O'Reilly's TOC is exceeding my expectations."
    Bob Pritchett
  • "If you're interested in the future of publishing, TOC is the place to be. "
    Bob Pritchett
  • "[TOC is] the place to be if you have any interest at all in the future of publishing. It’s also one of those rare events that will likely have a substantial impact on an entire industry for years to come."
  • "As with other O'Reilly events, Tools of Change is not for the faint of heart. Existing book publishers will find much to keep their businesses ahead of the new media curve—if they dare apply the knowledge."
    John Parsons, The Seybold Report
  • "As the industry stands on the brink of new and exciting change, don’t you want to be part of the revolution?"
    Kassia Krozser, Booksquare
  • "A festival of practical geekery"
    Publishers Weekly
  • "A techie-meets-publishing idea extravaganza"
    Marci Alboher, heymarci.com
  • "Who would not want to attend a conference of this import, attended by such luminaries and discussing such fundamental issues for your industry?"
    Eoin Purcell
  • "Finally, a conference I’m really looking forward to!"
    Original Expression

Program Co-Chairs

Andrew Savikas
is the General Manager of O'Reilly Media's Tools of Change for Publishing division, which spreads the knowledge of publishing innovators in person, online, and in print. In addition to serving as Program Chair of the TOC Conference, Andrew has led several Publishing Technology initiatives at O'Reilly, including the design and deployment of an open-standards-based XML content distribution platform. He is a frequent speaker at publishing and content management conferences, a regular contributor to O'Reilly's "Radar" blog, and the author of "Word Hacks: Tips & Tools for Taming your Text". Andrew has an MBA from Northeastern University in Boston, and a B.S. in Media Studies from the University of Illinois.

Mac Slocum is the Managing Editor of O'Reilly's Tools of Change for Publishing and co-Chair of the TOC Conference. He frequently writes about the intersection of publishing, technology and the digital transition on the TOC blog. Mac has an M.A. in journalism from Emerson College and a B.A. in journalism from the University of Richmond.

  • Impelsys Inc.
  • Ingram Industries
  • oXygen XML Editor
  • Adobe Systems, Inc.
  • codeMantra
  • Connotate
  • DPCI
  • Innodata Isogen, Inc.
  • LibreDigital
  • Lulu
  • Malloy
  • Mark Logic
  • Media Services Group
  • Quark, Inc.
  • ReadHowYouWant
  • RSuite
  • Safari Books Online
  • Smashwords, Inc.
  • Sterling Commerce
  • Verso Digital

Sponsorship Opportunities

For information on exhibition and sponsorship opportunities at the conference, contact Sharon Cordesse at scordesse@oreilly.com

Press and Media

For media-related inquiries, contact Maureen Jennings at maureen@oreilly.com

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