October 28–31, 2019

TensorFlow Contributor Summit

9:00am - 5:00pm
Monday, October 28—Tuesday, October 29

Location: Magnolia

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Who is this presentation for?

  • TensorFlow SIG members, TensorFlow code contributors, documentation contributors, aspiring contributors, and community leaders

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If you have any questions about the Contributor Summit or would like to find out how to join us, please reach out to us via tfcs2019@tensorflow.org.


If you already contribute to TensorFlow, or would like to, please join us for the TensorFlow Contributor Summit, happening at the inaugural TensorFlow World. We’ll be in Santa Clara, California, on October 28-29. Whether you work with code, docs, or the community, we’d love to have you there!

The Contributor Summit offers a welcoming environment for new community members to learn, explore, and network with other contributors and Special Interest Groups.

On Monday, we'll meet to share essential content on the direction of TensorFlow, including:

  • Opening comments from project tech lead
  • Lightning updates from each TensorFlow SIG
  • Technical talks covering topics, such as:
    • Building and testing TensorFlow projects
    • The future of modular TensorFlow
    • TensorFlow 2.0 and beyond

On Tuesday, you'll have the opportunity to meet with the SIGs leads and members. The goal is to engage contributors, solve problems face-to-face, and share our experiences.

Our goals are:

  • Provide a platform to share experiences and to identify common issues and goals
  • Onboard new contributors into our community
  • Connect with SIG leaders and the maintainers of TensorFlow
  • Meet with new and existing contributors to get answers about challenges and insight into future developments

In addition, if you're a SIG Lead, we'll host the first face-to-face SIG Leadership Meeting with the goal of increasing collaboration, sharing knowledge and best practices, and designing a future road map on how to increase collaboration within the SIGs.

Diversity and inclusion

We strive to foster an open and welcoming environment, and it's imperative that everyone in the community who wants to participate in this event feels welcome to do so, regardless of age, body size, disability, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, level of experience, nationality, personal appearance, race, religion, or sexual identity and orientation. As with all TensorFlow forums, we abide by the TensorFlow Code of Conduct.

Join us at the Contributor Summit and learn more about our vibrant and fast-growing community.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the Contributor Summit or would like to find out how to join us, please reach out to us via tfcs2019@tensorflow.org.

Monday, 10/28/2019


8:00am–9:00am Monday, 10/28/2019
Morning Coffee (1h)


Coffee & light breakfast (30m)


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9:30am–9:35am Monday, 10/28/2019
Contributor Summit
Edd Wilder-James (Google)
Edd Wilder-James welcomes you to the TensorFlow World 2019 Contributor Summit. Read more.


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9:35am–10:00am Monday, 10/28/2019
Contributor Summit
Martin Wicke (Google)
Martin Wicke delivers the opening session, reflecting on TensorFlow's journey to 2.0 and where the project is headed next. Read more.


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10:00am–10:30am Monday, 10/28/2019
Contributor Summit
Omoju Miller (GitHub)
Omoju Miller provides a data-driven historical trace of the rise of applied machine learning (ML) and dives into the product features being built at GitHub to make the lives of maintainers and ML professionals better. Read more.


10:30am–11:00am Monday, 10/28/2019
Morning Break (30m)


11:00am–11:30am Monday, 10/28/2019
Contributor Summit


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11:30am–12:30pm Monday, 10/28/2019
Contributor Summit
The TensorFlow (TF) Special Interest Groups (SIGs) give voice to TensorFlow stakeholders, and each group is unique in mission and scope. Learn from the SIG leads about their groups' visions, project road maps, and how you can join a group with work that interests you. Read more.


12:30pm–1:30pm Monday, 10/28/2019
Lunch (1h)


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1:30pm–2:00pm Monday, 10/28/2019
Contributor Summit
Learn how you can be a part of the growing TensorFlow (TF) ecosystem and become a contributor through code, documentation, education, or community leadership. Edd Wilder-James and Joana Filipa Bernardo Carrasqueira give you an overview of GitHub practices, request for comment (RFC) processes, and how to join the TF Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and make an impact in the community. Read more.


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2:00pm–2:30pm Monday, 10/28/2019
Contributor Summit
Chandni Shah (Google)
Details to come. Read more.


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2:30pm–3:00pm Monday, 10/28/2019
Contributor Summit
Jason Zaman (Light Labs), Yifei Feng (Google)
TensorFlow is a huge project with many parts both integrated and increasingly separate. Building all these components so they work together requires care. Jason Zaman and Yifei Feng demystify the main components and dependencies within TensorFlow and explore how to add custom functionality easily using custom op. Read more.


3:00pm–3:30pm Monday, 10/28/2019
Afternoon Break (30m)


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3:30pm–4:00pm Monday, 10/28/2019
Contributor Summit
Gunhan Gulsoy (Google Brain)
TensorFlow has become very successful, leading to a rich community growing around TensorFlow. However, as the community grew, the experience of collaboration became more and more difficult. Gunhan Gulsoy provides an overview of Google's efforts to create a framework that empowers the TensorFlow community to build and distribute on top of TensorFlow. Read more.


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4:00pm–5:00pm Monday, 10/28/2019
Contributor Summit
Moderated by:
Edd Wilder-James (Google)
Sean Morgan (Two Six Labs), Jason Zaman (Light Labs), Karmel Allison (Google), Martin Wicke (Google), Margaret Maynard-Reid (Tiny Peppers)
Join in to hear about the rapid growth of open source ML communities and a future road map for community building. Learn best practices, use cases, and how to develop metrics for your project by learning from other contributors to TensorFlow. Read more.


Happy Hour (1h)

Tuesday, 10/29/2019


8:00am–9:00am Tuesday, 10/29/2019
Morning Coffee (1h)


10:30am–11:00am Tuesday, 10/29/2019
Morning Break (30m)


12:30pm–1:30pm Tuesday, 10/29/2019
Break (1h)


3:00pm–3:30pm Tuesday, 10/29/2019
Afternoon Break (30m)

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