Schedule: Keynote sessions

Location: Westside Ballroom Level:
Michael Chui (McKinsey Global Institute)
McKinsey's influential Big Data report has helped define and explain the opportunity created by the torrent of data flowing daily through business. Michael Chui outlines the big picture of data innovation, challenges and competitive advantage. Read more.
Location: Westside Ballroom Level:
Stephen Wolfram (Wolfram Research)
How does one take thousands of data domains, and tens of thousands of models and algorithms, and make it so that anyone can get answers to their natural language questions? Stephen Wolfram, the creator of Wolfram|Alpha and Mathematica, will describe how this works in Wolfram|Alpha and what the paradigm of computational knowledge is now making possible. Read more.
Location: Westside Ballroom Level:
Aneesh Chopra (The Advisory Board Company), Chris Vein (Office of Science and Technology Policy), Tim O'Reilly (O'Reilly Media, Inc.)
Aneesh Chopra, the US Federal Chief Technology Officer, and deputy CTO Chris Vein, in conversation with Tim O'Reilly, founder and CEO, O'Reilly Media. Read more.
Location: Westside Ballroom Level:
As they saying goes, "If you're not paying for a product, then you're the product." But the world is a better place when human beings are enlisted as sensors -- as distributed mechanisms for mapping, understanding, and connecting the world and the data it generates -- and not treated as barcodes, mere bits of data to be read, logged and analyzed. Read more.
Location: Westside Ballroom Level:
This keynote is sponsored by GE. More information coming soon. Read more.
Location: Westside Ballroom Level:
Carole Post (City of New York)
Under Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg's leadership, New York City government has demonstrated an unyielding commitment to transparency and accountability. Today, that commitment is manifested in the next phase of the open government movement. Read more.
Location: Westside Ballroom Level:
Paul DePodesta (New York Mets)
Keynote by Paul DePodesta, The New York Mets VP of Player Development and Scouting, Entrepreneur & Subject of Moneyball. Read more.
Location: Westside Ballroom Level:
Darrell Issa (United States House of Representatives), Alexander Howard (O'Reilly Media)
One of the most technology- and data-savvy members of Congress, and co-sponsors of the DATA (Data Accountability and Transparency Act) bill, talks about his vision for making Federal Government spending data open, accessible and transparent. Read more.
Location: Westside Ballroom Level:
Matthew Bishop (The Economist)
Are 80 year old measures of the economy still useful, and can the age of big data offer us better indicators against which to benchmark economic performance? Read more.
Location: Westside Ballroom Level:
Bill Cook (EMC Greenplum)
The most important question to ask about big data is: what’s in it for my organization? Does it create net-new economic value, increase enterprise agility, improve collaboration, or enable new efficiencies? And if so, in which scenarios? What are the implications for people, process and technologies in any given organization? Read more.
Location: Westside Ballroom Level:
Tim O'Reilly (O'Reilly Media, Inc.)
At the same time as we’re seeing breakthrough after breakthrough in artificial intelligence, we’re also seeing the fulfillment of the vision of Vannevar Bush, JCR Licklider, and Doug Engelbart that computers could augment human information retrieval and problem solving. AI turned out not to be a matter of developing better algorithms, but of having enough data. Read more.


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