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Jaime Brugueras (Mineful)

I’m not sure what this section is for so I’ll just say a story related to Mineful called “The Lemonade Stand of the Future”.

It’s a hot Saturday afternoon and your lemonade stand is busy with customers. As the day progresses, you get an alert on your phone that Mrs. Smith hasn’t purchased her lemonade yet. So you send one of your employees to knock on her door and offer her a lemonade. Great! she says, perfect day for a lemonade.

Next Saturday, your neighbor opens a lemonade stand and is attracting many people. You predict that Mr. Garcia will purchase from your competitor. So you send Mr. Garcia a free taste of your new frozen Pina Colada flavored lemonade and a special thanks for all those ‘Sabados calientes’ that he purchased from you. Now Mr. Garcia does not think twice about where to go to get his next lemonade.

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Jaime Brugueras


Jaime graduated with a Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Illinois and worked as a marketing consultant for more than 5 years. As a marketing analyst, Jaime saw a gap between analytics and actual benefits to a company. He co-founded Mineful to bridge that gap and help companies take action based on analytics.

At Mineful, he is responsible for all the pre-built algorithms inside Mineful. He also leads sales, marketing, and frequently blogs about how companies use data to improve their business.


  • Aster Data
  • EMC Greenplum
  • GE
  • Lexis Nexis
  • MarkLogic
  • Tableau Software
  • Cloudera
  • DataStax
  • Informatica
  • DataSift
  • Splunk
  • 1010data
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Connotate
  • Media-Science
  • Microsoft SQL Server

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