The Business Of Illegal Data: Innovation From The Criminal Underground

Marc Goodman (Future Crimes, Singularity University)
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While businesses around the world struggle to understand the how to profit from the information revolution, one class of enterprise has successfully mastered the challenge—international organized crime. Globally crime groups are rapidly transforming themselves into consumers of big data. Lessons in how organized crime and terrorists are innovatively consuming both illegal and open source data will be presented.

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Marc Goodman

Future Crimes, Singularity University

Marc Goodman is a global thinker, writer and consultant focused on the profound change technology is having on crime security, business and international affairs. Over the past 20 years, he has built his expertise in cyber crime, cyber terrorism and critical infrastructure protection working with organizations such as INTERPOL, the United Nations and NATO. Marc frequently consults with global policy makers, security executives and industry leaders on technology-related security threats and has operated in nearly seventy countries around the world.

Marc founded the Future Crimes Institute to inspire and educate others on the security implications of disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, the social data revolution, synthetic biology, virtual worlds, robotics, ubiquitous computing and location-based services. The Institute has more than 1,000 associate members in 37 countries and brings together experts from around the world to discuss crime, security and technology.

Marc serves as the faculty advisor for security at Silicon Valley’s Singularity University, a NASA and Google sponsored venture dedicated to using advanced science and technology to address humanity’s grand challenges. He is also the Chief Cyber Criminologist of the Germany-based Cybercrime Research Institute and a fellow at the Hybrid Reality Institute.

Since 1999, Marc has worked extensively with INTERPOL, the International Criminal Police Organization, headquartered in Lyon, France where he continues to serve as a Senior Advisor to the organization’s Steering Committee on Information Technology Crime. In that capacity, Marc has trained police forces throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Latin America and Asia and has chaired numerous INTERPOL expert groups on next generation security threats.

In recognition of his professional experience, Marc was asked by the Secretary General of the United Nations International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to join his High Level Experts Group on Global Cybersecurity. He has also worked with other UN entities including the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research on cyber warfare and has served as a Senior Researcher for the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force on technical measures to counter terrorist use of the Internet.

Marc has authored more than one dozen journal articles and ten book chapters on cybercrime, information security, critical infrastructure protection and cyberterrorism. Representative works have been published by the Harvard Journal of Law & Technology, Oxford University Press, the American Bar Association, the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, the Institute of Electronic and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and McGraw Hill Publishers.

Marc holds a Master of Public Administration from Harvard University and a Master of Science in the Management of Information Systems from the London School of Economics. In addition, he has served as a Fellow at Stanford University’s Center for International Security and Cooperation.

Marc is experienced in media relations, having been interviewed by CNN, ABC, NBC and Fox News. He speaks fluent French, Spanish, Italian and German with limited proficiency in several other languages.


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