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Make Data Work
Oct 15–17, 2014 • New York, NY

Ngo conference sessions

Pramod Varma (UIDAI)
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Aadhaar, India's Unique Identity Project, is the largest biometric identity system in the world with more than 600 million people. Its strength lies in its design simplicity, sound strategy, and technology backbone issuing 1 million identity numbers and doing 600 trillion biometric matches every day! Pramod Varma, who is the Chief Architect of Aadhaar, shares his experience from this project.
Stefan Heeke (, adeen flinker (
The story of using predictive analytics for homelessness prevention in New York City. is currently piloting this approach with the city’s department of homeless services. Predicting at-risk families in a timely manner and micro-targeting social services is a game-changer. is a data analytics nonprofit, dedicated to leveraging the power of data for social innovation.
Brett Goldstein (University of Chicago)
How far can we take open data--and where can it take us? Brett Goldstein, who helped pioneer Chicago’s cutting-edge efforts in open data and analytics as CIO and CDO, will speak on how these act as a force multiplier on government efforts and can lead to smarter and more inclusive policy-making, while enhancing the government’s ability to anticipate and react to the needs of the public.
Joel Gurin (Center for Open Data Enterprise), Laura Manley (The GovLab at NYU)
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Open government data on healthcare, finance, education, energy, and other areas has become a major business resource. Joel Gurin, author of Open Data Now and director of the Open Data 500 study, will show how both startups and established companies are putting open data to work. He'll cover Open Data and Big Data, business models for open-data companies, and lessons from a range of case studies.