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Make Data Work
Oct 15–17, 2014 • New York, NY

Iot conference sessions

Alisher Maksumov (GE Software), Jean Lau (GE Software)
Industrial systems produce large volumes of real-time data that can be analyzed using Big Data technologies in the data center environments. In many cases, such data needs to be analyzed at the edge before leaving industrial machines or systems that control them. This is possible if machines have intelligence to process data and make decisions. GE will share such use cases and experience.
Damian Black (SQLstream Inc)
Born as a solution built for RMS (the Australian Government agency managing and regulating the use of roads in New South Wales), this Internet of Things application for smarter transportation services provides a real-time data hub for transportation sensor networks, network information and traveler information, offering actionable insight into network performance, congestion, and incidents.
Jodok Batlogg (CRATE Technology GmbH)
After babysitting Hadoop clusters for many years and knowing the limitations really well we had the chance to design and implement the cloud infrastructure for a large connected home platform from scratch. We’ll show how we’ve built that backend with Crate Data and Twitter Storm and why this is a perfect match for this workload.